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The Tale of a Church Planter

The ups, downs, frustrations, joys and everything in-between on the roller coaster ride of church planting. I can honestly say that no recipe or formula for church building exists - God does not work in this way! D7 Church is proof of this. Not because we didn’t try, we did try just about everything.

Our bookshelf is lined with books that tell you what works and what doesn’t work. Our computer is filled with files of blog posts from mega-church pastors, documents with strategy from other churches. We have attended conferences and visited other churches to try and learn about building a church.  It was only when we gave up and said so to God that we began to have breakthrough. This is our story.

Cover Photo by Lorah Kelly 

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In the Beginning
Never Cancel
Do Not Grow Weary
A Wolf and Abandonment
The Least and the Small
Pitch Up and Press On
Build a Great Team
Why Me?
It’s Not About You
Let God be God
Raise Leaders
Lead by Example
When Passion Fades
Casting On The Other Side
Enjoy the Ride


  1. Hi Angela!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to say "hi". I was meandering around Ruby for Women today when I came across your prayer request for recovering addicts at your church. Funny you should mention this, because my church has recently (approx. 2 years ago) exploded with new growth as a result of new ministry to individuals in recovery from addictions to drugs and/or alcohol. I have been privileged to see miracles of lives literally transformed, and it is SUCH a GIFT! My husband is the Associate Pastor at our church, and it has been so exciting to see God work. We have also opened our home to a women that I befriended and mentored and she has been with us for almost 1 year. The changes in her character and countenance are remarkable, and although at first I befriended her and began informally mentoring her, she has begun to radiate such deep faith that her faith and joy constantly inspires and encourages me. God will bless you in your labors! Please pray for our ministry to those in recovery and I will pray for you and your church as well. God's richest blessings to you!

    1. Anonymous5.3.12

      Thanks Jen, we really appreciate your prayers. x

  2. Hi Jen,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, I am very encouraged by your comment. I look forward to connecting with you more and supporting each other in prayer.


  3. What a read! What an amazing journey, it was so wonderful to read the details and ins and outs of D7's journey to date, I have nothing but the greatest admiration and respect for everybody's hard work, determination and faith! God is surely and will surely bless you abundantly.

  4. Anonymous16.1.12

    I am thrilled to be able to share our gripping story with you and I hope it encourages you to do all that God has called you to do. Enjoy The Tale of a Church Planter. x

  5. Great story. i am a fan of the smaller church, or the house church, myself, getting back to basics. and i agree, God did not make a church-planting mold or suggest we do market studies...

    1. Anonymous5.3.12

      Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate the support. x

  6. Hi,

    Are the e-mail that I receive from you excerpts from your books. If so that was a wonderful one I received this morning. Great inspiration for the day while enjoying my morning tea. Great books.

    1. Anonymous7.3.12

      Hi Tee-iabo,

      Yes that email was a snippet of one of the chapters of The Tale of a Church Planter. I am thrilled that it inspired you.


  7. The name of the book The Tale of a Church Planter can be a little misleading as we generally think of men church planters. However the author is a woman involved as a church planter. She and her husband developed a church together. Therefore the book is completely written from a woman's point of view. Many wives of church planters do not have the title of pastor yet her role is often parallel to her husband's as she gives just as much time to the church.

    Angela approaches this difficult subject with humor and depth of understanding of her work. She faces the good times with joy and the hard times with determination and wisdom. If you have ever faced the difficulties that she has, you will relate to this book. It is very easy reading but profound. You may even find the answers to your own struggles and discover you can survive.

    In chapter six "Pitch up and Press On" Angela starts with "There have been days when I have wanted to give up. MANY DAYS! Tiredness had overcome me and I had grown weary...this sort of weariness was deep down within my soul;" (68-69). The battle was hard to fight. Did God ask too much?

    In the same chapter Angela suggests a mind-set that will move the church planter forward:
    1. Keep on showing up.
    2. Expect great things to happen.
    3. Press on.
    4. Make a habit to look through the eyes of faith.
    5. Watch out.
    6. Persevere.
    7. Don't get tired.

    Much of Angela's advice is meant to arm the church planter to discipline himself and face the battle. Working with people is always exhausting. They very rarely do what you expect.
    Chapter 14 "When Passion Fades" knowingly says: "Leading a church is easy when you are excited, full of energy and like King David, you are consumed with zeal for the House of God (168). " If this is not the case Angela suggests asking the following questions.
    1. Was I still passionate about Jesus?
    2. Did I still believe in God?
    3. Was I still willing to live and die for the cause of Christ?
    4. Did I still see the vision God had given us for D7 Church?
    5. Did I still love the people?
    6. What would life look like if I stopped doing church?
    7. Did I really want a life without leading a church?
    What do I do to revive passion in my work? The answer is found in chapter 14 also. Read it and see if you agree with Angela.

    The book is well worth reading if you are a church planter or anticipating becoming a church planter. This book shows that it is not always a bed of roses, there are thorns also and they hurt. Angela's style of writing is very honest especially in her evaluation of her own struggles.

    1. Angela21.5.12

      Thank you so much for such a thorough review, I am really grateful for your feedback.


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