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Being a Woman in Business - Invitation

Today’s women seem more passionate about business that ever before.   In the sixties we fought for equal rights in the workplace, in the seventies we fought for equal pay, in the eighties we put the first American woman in space and we begun our fight against sexual harassment.  In the nineties women served in combat for the first time, during the Gulf War.  Today we are twenty first century women and there is little difference between a man or a women in business.  Or is there? Recently I read this statement: “Successful women entrepreneurs do not look at their peers and subordinates as men or women, but just as people whom they must lead or interact with in the course of their work.”  I must say that I totally disagree with this statement and believe that a woman who understands the different between men and women will get more out of their professional life than those that deny that there are in fact differences.    Taget Women offer a glance at the physiological varia

Being a Woman in Business

Being a Woman in Business is a fantastic addition to the 'Being' family where we explore dynamic business principles that can be applied no matter what your gender but we will also explore how we can become successful business women . Being a Woman in Business is in progress and you are very welcome to join us at our Woman in Business Nights or even start your own Girl's Night - we will provide you with guidelines and study notes.  More info on Woman in Business and how to start your own event here . Available at: | | Kindle Contents: Invitation   The Five Stages of Business Being a Woman in Business        Who has a Vision         Who Respects Men          Who is Relational          Who has Integrity          Who is Humble          Who has Purpose          Who Starts Small and Dreams Big          Who Feels the Fear and Does it Anyway         Who Thinks      Who Understands Money        Who En

Esther or Delilah? - Esther’s Story

A long, long time ago, in a country called Persia, there lived a powerful king named Ahasuerus (aHa-shoo-eerus).  He ruled over a vast empire of one hundred and twenty seven provinces which spread all the way from India to Ethiopia.  He ruled in his magnificent fortified palace along with his a beautiful, dazzling queen, Queen Vashti.     During his reign, King Ahasuerus wanted to show off to his entire kingdom, so he held the most spectacular, magnificent, awe inspiring feast.  He showed the riches of his glorious kingdom and the splendour of his excellent majesty for many days, one hundred and eighty days in all .  Wine and other exotic drinks flowed without measure to all who attended.      Food was delightful and plentiful.  Entertainment of the highest professional quality was provided.  No expense was spared at the king’s party.  Yet, at the end of his extravagant feast, it seemed that the king’s need to display his power was not satisfied.  He proclaimed another feast; this

King's Daughters Clothing

It's with extreme joy that I would like to share the latest addition to our shop - the King's Daughters clothing line.  Lorah has done a fantastic in designing our very first set of t-shirts.  Here is her stunning design.  See the lovely t-shirts in the shop here and watch this space for more items.

Being a Mother - Invitation

Anyone can give birth to a baby but not everyone wants to be a mother.  Being a mother is hard work and a great responsibility.  It is a whole life that you are responsible for and your actions or lack of action could have a significant impact on this life.  Most importantly, this life is God’s child.  Knowing this should cause you to recognise the great responsibility that you have in raising one of God’s precious children.  Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward.  Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one’s youth. Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them; They shall not be ashamed,But shall speak with their enemies in the gate.   - Psalm 127:3-5 Children are the inheritance that God gives us and they are our reward.  The Bible does not say much about the practicalities of raising a child but it does speak or many principles that can be applied to parenting.  Join us as we explore what the Bible has to say abo

Abundant Life - Abundant Life

I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. - John 10:10 Abundantly in John 10:10 is from the Greek word perissos (ερισσός) which is in the sense of beyond; superabundant (in quantity) or superior (in quality); by implication excessive; exceeding abundantly above, more abundantly, advantage, exceedingly, very highly, beyond measure, more, superfluous, vehemently.     Are your relationships, time, money and life in general operating in abundance right now?  Do you have an excess?  Is your life superabundant in quantity or superior in quality?  Do you feel advantaged?  If you can yes to all these questions then there is no need to continue reading, you have it all figured out nicely!      I, however, reached a point when I realised that my life was anything but abundant.  In fact, I was quite sure the I was living in the first part of John 10:10 where it says that The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.  It se

D7 Men - Real Men Still Exist

I am bowled over by the quality of the men we have in our church .  My wonderful husband, Eric, has been running D7 Men for two years and the results are astounding.  D7 Men are high calibre Godly men who have courage and strength.  They face every day challenges like any other man but they don't shrink back.  Together, they are overcoming addictions, bad habits and other life difficulties.  Accountability and the direct application of the Bible to their lives are the keys to their success.  D7 Men refuse to accept things the way they are.  D7 Men will be serving King's Daughters at our upcoming conference - girls you are in for a treat.  You will have the finest men in all of England tending to your every need.  They will make you feel like the princess that you are. And if that isn't enough, the super amazing D7 Men are putting their hands deep into their pockets and sponsoring some of the ladies who can't afford to attend the conference.  Isn't that in

Nature's Way - Moisturiser

A recent study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology has potentially linked the use of daily moisturizers with skin cancer. Allen Conney at Rutgers University found that skin cancer tumours increased up to 95% in high risk mice when treated four different daily moisturizers. It is frightening to think that our daily skin care regime could be causing cancer. If you are not already discarding your shop bought beauty products and using Nature’s Way, seriously consider doing so right away. Since using Nature’s Way cleansers and toners I have found that I don’t need a moisturiser.  Firstly, sticking to the rule of not washing my face in the morning has done wonders.  All the natural goodness that my skin produces over night is left on as a protective barrier during the day.  Secondly, I find I don’t need to moisturise because natural oils are produced as I sleep at night.  Having a good cleanser and toner is sufficient to keep the natural oil production

Book Reviews

Esther or Delilah? by Angela De Souza Esther or Delilah? is an honest look at how women use their beauty to seduce men! Whether you like it or not you are using your beauty for something, but are you using it to empower a man or are you using it in a way that leaves him powerless? Both Esther and Delilah were beautiful women in the Bible. Both women seduced the man in their life. One woman used her beauty to save her people; the other woman used her beauty to destroy her people. Today’s women are no different from Esther and Delilah. Which woman are you? Read more about Esther or Delilah? here or buy directly from , , or Kindle   ......................................................................................................................... Asleep in Heaven's Nursery by Tommy Mann  Tommy's book is a deep and powerful testimony of how he and his wife came to terms with some of life's most difficult ques

Being a Friend - Who Stands in the Gap

So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one.  - Ezekiel 22:30 In ancient times, cities defences were its walls and if the walls had a gap the city would be in great danger.  The verse above speaks of a time when God’s people had left a huge gap in their morals and standards.  God wanted to show them mercy so looked for a man who would stand in the gap on behalf of the people but he found none.  As a result God was left with no choice but to pour out his wrath on them.  There are several times in the Bible when God was willing to withhold his wrath if just one person would step forward to stand in the gap.  Years have gone by but God hasn’t changed, He is still willing to listen to the one that is willing to stand in the gap. So how does this apply to us and our friendships?  To stand in the gap means that there is a gap in the first place and there are plenty gaps to

Abundant Life - No Pain, No Gain

“We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God”  -   Acts 14:22 Let us start with the pure, honest truth.  Did you pick up this book (or read this blog post) because you were looking for a quick fix to an easy life?  Do you think abundant life means ease and comfort?  If this is your way of thinking, you need either to throw this book in the bin or be willing to think very differently.   You see, the path to abundant life is uphill all the way. ‘No pain, no gain’ principles can be found throughout the Bible.  I have not managed to find one single abundant life key that is easy or without effort.  The first thing you will have to accept on your quest for abundant life is that it will take a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Thankfully, the blood is Jesus blood.     Jesus died to make an abundant life possible however; the sweat and tears will have to be our own.  It is quite simple really, if you want to have abundant finances, you have to save and invest.  The

Abundant Life

Abundant Life Living Life to the Full Why does the Bible say that we can have life abundantly and yet so many people are still struggling? Why does the Bible say that we don’t have to worry about money and yet most people still worry? How do we live the life that it Jesus wants us to live in this day and age? ABUNDANT LIFE highlights the valuable and timeless principles that lead to a life more abundantly. Available on: | | Fishpond | Kindle Best results when used alongside the Abundant Life Workbook . Contents: No Pain, No Gain Abundant Life Abundant Relationships    Abundant Time   Abundant Rest   Abundant Money   Abundant Fruit   Abundant Future Abundant Gifts Going Back to Move Forward Live to Die Study Notes: For small group or individual study, printable PDF notes and worksheets are available for your convenience.  Once you have purchased the PDF you are welcome to print off as many copies as you