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Prayer Wall

It's with great joy that I would like to announce our King's Daughters Prayer Wall.  Join in by sharing what God is doing in your life so that we can give thanks and tell us what you would like him to do so that we can pray.

Life is Magical

Hollywood has done a great job of sensationalising EVERYTHING!  They have managed to make adultery look romantic and caused us to believe that everyone has sex on their first date and that it's good!  It is for this reason that we think that our own, everyday, ordinary life is dull and boring and we are left wanting the MAGIC that the movies portray. Well my friends, let me tell you a little secret!  Life IS magical.  The power lies not in Hollywood's camera lenses or their great musical soundtracks.  It lies in our own mind - that's where the magic starts.  If you want a life as thrilling as the movies then start to believe that your life is way more fun than you realise. Here is a little simple example.  Today I made a huge tent in my children's bedroom with sheets and blankets.  We lay there playing and giggling.  It was a very special moment, one that could easily have been dismissed as ordinary.  Suddenly it dawned upon me that with an added soundtrack, loads