Marriage Tip #13 - Keeping Winning Their Heart

I was telling Eric one morning how much I loved all the things he did to try and win my heart while we were dating.  It was his intentional words and cute poems he used to write for me that wooed me and made my heart melt.  Since those early days in 2004 until today, I have kept all his cards, handwritten notes and other cute things from him.  These are my treasures and if ever I had to leave our home in a hurry I would grab my treasure box, a small box in my desk full on little notes from Eric, my children and some even from friends.  As I was chatting to Eric about how I missed his efforts to win my heart I realised that I too needed to continue to win his heart as I once did.  It's the age old story of plank and speck syndrome! Marriage can get pretty dull if we live only to get through each day!  Making an effort to keep marriage magical, mysterious and romantic is essential!  With that in mind I determined to find out what I did that won Eric's heart so that I could continue to win his heart daily. Just because we are married doesn't mean we should stop winning each other's hearts.

What things won your heart in the early days or what did you do to win his heart?  Let's swap some ideas to spice up our marriages and keep the romance alive!


  1. My wonderful husband still is my hearts winner. Many years ago when we were dating he brought me fresh flowers every Friday, Always a different type of bouquet. It was so romantic.Now I get flowers three times a year. Birthday ( sometimes) Anniversary and Valentines day. But he wins my heart in other ways now. Just yesterday he said lets go shopping ( he hates shopping).He wanted to buy me some things, no occasion just because. We had a lovely day out. He does sweet enduring things around the house too. things may change a bit over the years but he is the keeper of my heart always. Hugs and wishes for a beautiful day ahead

    1. Angela9.4.12

      That is so lovely, thank you for sharing Katherine x