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He Restores My Soul - Selah

“ Let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest, lest anyone fall according to the same example of disobedience. ”                                                               - Hebrews 4:11 Lorah, my twenty year old daughter, was in tears! She was tired and she was in need of sleep - two entirely different things. As I hugged her to comfort her she said, "When is my 'to do' list ever going to be complete?" Her frustration was one that many of us face, a life of never ending tasks and the constant feeling that there is more to do than we will ever have time to complete. As I tried to console her, I realised that offering to take on some of her workload wouldn't help her. What I needed to do was to teach her to manage her life well. Rest is mentioned so many times in the Bible in so many ways for so many reasons, it is a very important part of life. Without understanding how to rest we will burnout or end up being totally overwhelmed with life! This is

He Restores My Soul - Overworking

“ As he came from his mother’s womb, naked shall he return. To go as he came; and he shall take nothing from his labour. Which he may carry away in his hand. ”                                        - Ecclesiastes 5:15 Rest may refer to leisure, relaxation or sleep. Rest is the opposite of work. Rest is not being productive, not accomplishing anything and not overworking. Rest is often one of the most difficult things for people to do. Who would have thought that doing nothing would be one of the things we struggled with most? This is especially true in Christian circles! Christians are very prone to doing too much, trying to achieve too much while disregarding their need for rest. They fear being seen as lazy or unspiritual. Of course, this is a trap, a very well thought out trap by the one who opposes everything that God designed.  God rested after six days of work and He told us to follow His example. Jesus commended Mary for taking time out from work to be with Him

Nearing Home

Never have I given growing old so much thought as I have in the past two weeks. I guess I thought I would live forever with the perfect health that I currently enjoy. Growing old was something I feared in many ways but paid very little attention to. It just seemed so far ahead that it almost seemed silly to start thinking about it now! Well, I was wrong! Billy Graham's book, Nearing Home, is an honest look at his life and his struggle with the ageing process. Now in his 90s, he tells the truth and holds nothing back. Growing old is not easy and Billy shares many of his pains, sorrows and struggles. He also delves into practical things such as retirement planning, financial matters and ministry issues. I can't begin to tell you how highly I recommend this book to both the young and old.  It so happened that when I started reading this book I also started meeting with a wonderful lady called Dee from Defined Finance. I don't believe in co-incidence at all. I do

Nature's Way - Shampoo

I was shocked when I discovered that the dangerous chemicals in shampoos were found not only in your every day cheap shampoos but also in luxury salon shampoos, shampoos claiming to be natural or organic and even baby shampoos. In fact, some of my research led to me to a shocking discovery about a very popular brand of baby shampoo. This shampoo contained three carcinogenic ingredients namely dioxane, formaldehyde and nitrosamine. It’s terribly complicated with many scientific explanations which I will not be going into but the bottom line is that these ingredients are extremely dangerous. Scientific info on all of the ingredients listed on your shampoo bottles can be easily obtained on the internet. Here is a list of some of the dangerous ingredients to look out for: • Quaternium-15 • DMDM hydantoin • Imidazolidinyl urea • Diazolidinyl urea • PEG-100 stearate • Sodium laureth sulfate • Sodium myreth sulfate • Polyethylene • Ceteareth-20 • Propylene Glycol • Methyl pa

Being a Wife - Who is Happy

Happiness is not something that happens to you but it is something that you make happen. Well actually, God makes it happen every morning (Psalm 30:5) but it’s up to us whether or not we embrace it or reject it.  As wives, we often tend to expect our husbands to make us happy. When he doesn’t we get upset. This leaves him feeling like a failure and leaves us wondering why he won’t make us happy! The biggest mistake we can ever make as wives is to depend solely on our husbands to make us happy. He can’t. It’s not possible for one man to make a woman entirely happy. It cannot be done and expecting it to happen is setting you both up for disappointment.  To have a truly happy marriage you need to have two happy individuals. So how do we become a happy wife? Firstly, we let our husbands off the hook and start taking responsibility for our own happiness. Secondly, we turn to the Holy Spirit because happiness or joy is a fruit of the spirit. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy,

A Samburu Woman

Cynthia Fowler "We should run away"! Cynthia said to her cousins. "It is the only way we can avoid being cut." Laughing, they said to her “Don't be silly, you are a coward” and continued to mock her for not wanting to go through with it. They were all looking forward to the day and could not understand why she would want to refuse. Deep down inside Cynthia knew that this practise was wrong. She had watched her aunt suffer and nearly die when she was circumcised. Deeply etched in her mind was the memory of the horrible agony she underwent. Cynthia had never seen so much blood. Her aunt was rushed to a nearby hospital as the lady who did the circumcision was old and partially blind. She had cut the wrong vein. Thankfully, she survived. Sadly, many women don't even get the opportunity to go to hospital and die either from infection or blood loss. Fear filled Cynthia's eyes as she recalled her aunts traumatic circumcision. It was two


Over the past few weeks I have been preaching a series at D7 Church based on my book FREE .  My deep desire is that God uses my 'colourful' past and the freedom He has given to me, to help others find freedom too.   Do you feel like you are hiding behind masks and not being your true self?  Do you live under a cloud of shame from your past?  Is fear your constant companion?  Do you know that there is more to you and more to life than you are currently experiencing?  Free covers all these issues and so much more.   Have a read or listen to the sermon series below.  If you live in England, why not join us for one of our Girl's Nights where I will be delving into this subject some more. Buy 'Free ' here: UK , USA , AU , Kindle Listen to 'Free' here:  Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3

TOCP - Build a Great Team

Church is not a one man or one woman job! It can’t be mostly because God says that no flesh should glory in His presence. If we could successfully build a flourishing church on our own then it is quite likely that we would become proud and even arrogant. God made us relational and dependant on each other in order to do His will. Eric and I realised this right from the start, we knew we could not pull it off on our own and so we got stuck into recruiting team members right from the word ‘go’! Before even thinking about planting a church, I would highly recommend building a team that will work with you and support you no matter what! It’s not about quantity but about quality. A small team with the right heart will do so much more than a large team with a bad attitude. Sounds easy doesn’t it, but I can assure you that finding people with a great heart that will just shut up and get on with it is not easy! Our team started way back in 2006 without us even realising it. They were

Conference Payment Plan

Only 182 days to go until our awesome King's Daughters Conference !  Am I being a bit too enthusiastic?  I can't contain my excitement, it's going to be a top quality event.  In order to make it easier for you to come we have set up a 7 month payment plan of £5 per month.  All you have to do is pay £5 here seven times.   If you want to pay the full amount of £35 please do so here . Another thing we have done for your convenience, is that we have created an children's program for the entire conference so that you can relax and not worry about your children.  There are limited places so please get your children's name down early or they might miss out.  It's totally free - more info here . It's going to be a fantastic event but please don't wait until the last minute to get your ticket as the venue has a strict seating limit of 400, after that we will have to turn people away.  For more info on the event please visit www.kingsdaughterscon

TOCP - Pitch Up and Press On

There have been days when I have wanted to give up. MANY DAYS! Tiredness had overcome me and I had grown weary. It’s not the sort of weariness that can be solved by sleep. This sort of weariness was deep down within my soul; it seemed to seep right down into my bones and made my belly ache. I had known many of these sorts of days.  There had also been many Sundays when I had not wanted to go to church. Yes, I confess, many Sundays when I had just wanted to stay in bed and leave Eric to get on with it. A few Sundays I managed to make it into the car and all the way to church but then had just stayed in the car outside church and cried. On a few occasions I had even started the car and reversed out of the parking space with the intention of driving away. Despite the battles that have raged within my soul some Sundays, I have always pitched up. Not always with the best attitude, not always with the enthusiasm that I should have, but I pitched up. That is step one to surviving

Nature's Way - Teeth Whitening

Let’s begin will dispelling the fallacy that teeth are pure white. Pure white teeth are not natural and the best way to tell what colour your teeth should be is to look at a child’s teeth. If they are eating correctly then their tooth colour is the perfectly natural colour that our teeth should be. A tooth has a similar makeup to ivory and as you know ivory is not pure white either.   The following table shows the health concerns based on commonly used whitening product. Stained or yellow teeth can be caused by what we eat and drinking as well as poor dental hygiene. Removing stains as opposed to whitening through bleaching is best for your teeth. Bleaching your teeth might give you sparkling white teeth for a few months or years but could cause you a life time of teeth problems afterwards. Keep your teeth clean and remove stains but don’t go for the pure white, unnatural look as that is a sure sign that problems will follow later on in life. Nature’s Way Alternatives 1. Eat

Women of the World

I didn't sleep well last night.  I was troubled.  What I had heard yesterday disturbed me.  Surely that can't be true.  Surely that sort of thing doesn't still happen in this day and age.  There are women in this world, many women, who have real problems.  Life threatening problems.  These women have no help and they continue to suffer without any hope of change.  I tossed and turned all night, wrestling with God, saying, "What can I do, I am just one woman with little to offer."       It was then that I realised that King's Daughters is not about me, it never was and I never wanted it to be, but it is all about what God wants to do for His daughters in this world.  He is grieved that His precious daughters are suppressed and we who are free should rise up and do something about it. How?   I don't know but that doesn't mean we will sit back and do nothing.   When? Right now.   Who?   You and me Why?  Because we can Together, we can mak