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Beauty with a Purpose

Today I had the privilege of speaking to our church about beauty!  This subject is very much on my heart, so much so that we have a whole conference centred around beauty this year.  It is essential that both men and women understand the value and importance of a woman's beauty.  She is not beautiful for nothing, she is beautiful for a purpose and she can either use her beauty to empower the man in her life or she can use it to rob him of his power.  Have a listen to what I spoke about here .

Passion & Purity - Diamonds from Coal

I found an interesting article of how coal turns into a diamond on; I hope you find it as interesting as I did. I will make a clear point at the end, it is truly fascinating. Thanks to Sonia Nair for contributing to this chapter. “It is difficult to believe that any relation exists between the dark brownish-black lumps of coal and shimmering diamonds. The common element (*1) between the two is that they both are made up of carbon. The element carbon exists in the earth in three different forms. One is the amorphous form (*2), which lacks the crystal structure. Another form of carbon, termed as graphite (*2), has hexagonal crystals. Diamonds are the third form of carbon and these glittering gemstones (*2) sport cubic crystals. Relation between Coal and Diamonds Coal, which is an amorphous form of carbon, is not made of pure carbon. It is made up of complicated organic molecules of decomposed plant and animal material (*3), which have been compressed for millions of years

Being a Woman - Who is Grateful

Bottom line – a grateful woman is beautiful and an ungrateful woman is plain ugly! Harsh? Maybe, but entirely truthful though. I have encountered both sorts of women and I have been both sorts of woman too. I actually feel more beautiful when I act in gratitude. How many of us know exactly what we are entitled to? We often make demands from people because we are entitled to things from them. This sort of attitude is the opposite of a grateful attitude.  Sadly I have a good example to offer. A while ago I was involved in organise a surprise for someone. Her friends and family and I spent weeks planning and going to great lengths to pull off a spectacular surprise for her, making sure that all her dreams came true. I had never seen such an array of beautiful gifts and the party that we prepared was simply perfect. One hundred candles were lit and strategically placed in the garden, champagne glassed were hired to ensure everything seemed magical and her favourite song was on pa

The past... a long, long time ago

Yes that is me on the left in the purple wig!  There was a time when I was a clown.  Many years ago, my friends and I had a great time face painting and performing as clowns to earn a living. Just a little bit of useless information for you for a laugh.  Have you ever done anything interesting to earn some money?

Passion & Purity - Rebuilding my Soul

14 December… Dear Jesus, Now I don’t know if it’s just people like myself who have had a rough background with men or if women with normal backgrounds go through this too, but I have realised that there is one last area I need to deal with in order to be truly free and to truly love myself! The area of course is men! This journey has been amazing, You have been so faithful and have been so gracious and I am already so much freer than I was when I started this journey. Recently though, I have realised, that there is still a big part of me that needs male attention and approval. I still need to be noticed and need to be liked by men. Although I am more mature now than when I was a teenager and don’t run around wearing the shortest possible skirts to gain male attention, I do still have exactly the same need as when I was a teenager - the need for male love and attention. I’m sure a large degree of this is normal, we were created to grow up and pair off, most of us were made with t

Being a Woman - Who Has Enough

My Facebook status recently:  "I am so happy :) Even when I am not happy I am still happy - how does that work lol x" I think the apostle Paul had a similar Facebook status back in his day: Philippians 4:11-12 "Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content: I know how to be abased, and I know how to abound. Everywhere and in all things I have learned both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need." I realised recently that I am truly content - I have enough! It came to my attention when I was going on an hour long journey to see a friend.  The journey was mostly on a long straight motorway, so my mind was free to think and pray.  As I drove I thought about what I felt like chatting to God about.  I scanned my mind for any area of need in my life as I hadn't had much time recently to pray for myself.  Item after item went through my mind until I declared, "God, I have no need, you trul

A Bug Collection

I recently received this DVD set for free from BookSneeze®.com to review. Max Lucado has done a fantastic job of bringing spiritual principles to life through his Bug Collection stories. It's so much more than children's stories, he really finds a way to tell the truth and teach spiritual principles. My children love these DVD's but I too have been changed through them. As an adult I have been challenged about my identity, my value and my purpose through the cute bug stories. I highly recommend these DVD's to you for your little ones and for yourself, they are available from Amazon :)

Passion & Purity - Rescued by the Prince

Pain consumed me but I quickly learned where to run to for safety. No longer did I find myself sitting on the bathroom floor with a razor blade. Times of getting totally drunk were over. I had a new strategy – to run! Not to run away but to run to! When I started to feel a wave of remorse, regret or guilt I would run to my strong tower. Proverbs 18:10 The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. Imagine a little girl falling over and bruising her knee. She slowly gets up and starts to run. Where does she run to? Does she run away from or does she run to her mommy or daddy? Of course she doesn’t run away, that would be strange. She longs for comfort and something that will take the pain away. She runs to the one who will do just that for her. It is instinctive, she doesn’t have to weigh up the pros and cons and make a wise informed decision. No of course not. She falls, she gets hurt, and she gets up and runs to her daddy.  As soon as

Being a Woman - Who listens

We all listen to someone and believe what they say, who do you listen to and what do you believe? Genesis 3:11 And He said, “Who told you that you were naked? God asked Adam and Eve the same question! He asked them who spoke to them and told them a lie that they believed and acted upon. Nothing has changed since then. We still listen, believe and act. The process is not the problem but what we listen to is where the problem lies. If we want to become the woman that God wants us to become then we need to listen to what God wants us to listen to. There are only two options, either we listen to and believe the truth or we listen to and believe the lies. Our actions will be an outcome of what we listened to and who we are, our core identity, will be determined by what we listen to. Have you ever considered this? It’s a powerful concept isn’t it?  The Bible says that you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. If we want to be free women we need to listen to th

Passion & Purity - Dating Games

Where on earth did the torturous ritual of dating come from anyway? For me dating seems like a rather cruel way of finding love. You can’t do so many things but your hormones are raging and want to do it all! You have loads of protocol to follow but in essence all you can think about is getting married. Of course you can’t tell a guy that or he will run a mile... well some guys would and some guys wouldn’t. I have observed my daughter go through her first dating experience and I feel so sorry for her, it can be so confusing and so wonderful all at once. As far as I can tell, in the Bible you only had betrothal and marriage. There was nothing in between to send you on an emotional roller coaster! That sounds kind of nice to me. You see someone you like; you watch them from a distance and perhaps become friends. When you think you want to spend the rest of your life with them you get betrothed for a year and then get married. Nice, clean and simple. No breaking up, making up a

Conference Payment Plan

Hi lovely ladies, I am so excited about our upcoming King's Daughters Conference and I don't want anyone missing out!  So to make things easier I have come up with a weekly payment plan for you which is only £2 per week! It's easy to get started, simply book your ticket today for £3 and then pay £2 instalments for the next 16 weeks.  You ticket will be paid in full in time for the conference and you can collect you ticket at the conference doors on the 10th September.  So don't wait, get started today here. Have a fantastic day! Love Angela xxx Ticket Booking £3.00 Weekly Payment £2.00

Girls Night Out

Last night we had our King's Daughters Girl's Night with our new friend, Wanja, at her stunning African Experience restaurant in Gloucester.  Where do I begin, it was such an awesome experience.  Let's start with the food.  Usually I don't like to eat in restaurants because of all the preservatives and nasty things that are added.  I also don't like all the oils and sugars that are used so I tend to eat at home mostly.  BUT   Wanja cooks with fresh, natural ingredients and she avoids using lots of oils and sugars.  Her food tasted just like home cooked food which was fantastic. After the meal at C & W's African Experience you are left feeling full for the entire evening because the meal is so wholesome.  We really enjoyed our meal and we will definitely be having more Girl's Night there again. AND to add to the experience, Wanja joined us after dinner and shared her story with us.  Not only did we leave with a full tummy but a full spirit too!  Her

Passion & Purity - Lies of Love

You are worth it 22 October... Dear Diary, Today I bought myself a gold necklace with a beautiful gold cross pendant! I am wearing it now as I write this and it feels foreign hanging around my neck, like it doesn’t belong on me. It doesn’t feel like the sort of thing I would wear at all, way too fancy. The fact that I bought it for myself, for no reason, and for no occasion, is totally and utterly just not something I’ve ever done. It all started yesterday, I had some time while waiting for a train so I did some window shopping to pass the time. I looked at all the beautiful jewellery that was for sale in the jewellery shop. It never crossed my mind to buy any of it; I was simply looking as usual. I realised that there were a few items that I really liked and so I wrote down the catalogue codes just in case someone ever asked me what I wanted for my birthday. Today however, something unusual happened. I had a strong feeling that I should buy this particular necklace for myself.