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A Life Worth Living

I am so excited I could pop! Next Sunday is our first anniversary as a Church. On 7th September last year Eric & I along with our amazing team planted King's Church . The photo above was of our very first church service & this photo is one of my treasures. I love this photo & everyone in it! Anniversaries always make me reflect. This past year has definitely without a doubt been the best year of my life. Busy, yes... hard work, yes... tiring, yes... difficult, yes... but absolutely totally amazing too! I have seen lives changed, I have met amazing people, I have seen God do awesome things, I have seen people who are far away from God get closer to Him. I feel so privileged & humbled to be a part of what God has planned for His Church here in Gloucestershire. I can unashamedly say that I have a life worth living, thank you Jesus for giving me this incredible life! Come & celebrate with me on Sunday & hear all about this past year. For more details & to RS


This morning I sat in my garden & noticed a few autumn leaves on the ground. This got me into thoughtful mode & made me think about winter & being cold! I sat pondering (actually it was very early morning so I was still half asleep). Am I ready for winter? I don't even feel like we've had a summer this year. It's funny how there were only a few leaves on the ground & I was already panicking about winter! This got me thinking about life & the seasons in our life. (I did warn you I was in thoughtful mode lol). Do we sometimes jump ahead & miss out on the fullness of one season because we are worried about the next season? Jesus said in Matthew 6:34; " Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." He mentioned not to worry about tomorrow yet some of us worry about things so far ahead. We worry about all kinds of things, sometimes even silly things? Jesus said don

God With Us CD

Hey girls, this is my new favourite CD! It is amazing & you can listen to it online . My favourite track is track 2, 'The Lord is My Rock' is so powerful, I highly recommend you listen to it. What a great way to start the week, singing; "The Lord is my rock, I won't be afraid". Whatever you are facing this week, KNOW that the Lord is your rock & you don't need to be afraid.

My Song

I have my own song, how awesome is that! My beautiful daughters Lorah & Jordan wrote it for me as a gift. A Song for You She is worth more than rubies and we love her more than diamonds She is precious in our eyes and we know she will always be there for us Her actions light up this world in darkness Her words bring joy to sadness She is filled with love and beauty And when she speaks her wisdom teaches me Words could never show her Just how much I love her Words can never tell her Just what I love about her Isn't that precious!!! I am so blessed to have such amazing & talented daughters. Lots more to come from Lorah & Jordan. Lorah has her new Blog which I am very proud of and Jordan will be joining me in authoring this Blog so keep a look out for posts from her.

Inconvenience or Invitation

Yesterday we had a lovely Sunday with Dave & Faye Edwards from King's Church Newport. Dave preached on Inconvenience or Invitation - a very powerful message. The question he asked was, "How do you see people in your life, in relation to your attitude, in relation to how you evaluate them in your daily life?" He also mention that many times strong & secure people look at weak people & people who have problems as an inconvenience. They don't want to reach them or help them so they bypass them. We always want to be people with a tender heart towards others. This is what Jesus as like, He was incredibly strong & complete in His life but he never relished in His strength & bypassed a needy world. Instead he used & utilised that strength & laid it down at a needy world. He brought joy & wholeness to the world around Him. We want to learn from Jesus & allow Him to use us in this needy world. Jesus never saw people as interruptions! We lead

Less is More IV

As you may already know, I have been on major decluttering process recently. I have had a deep look at my life, my priorities, my purpose & my loves. You can have a read about it in previous post - Less is More I , II & III . It all started in April when I found myself tired soon after getting back from a lovely holiday. It has taken quite some time to work through this process. I guess that's why it's called a process as it is not a once off event. The final part of my decluttering took place about a week ago when I closed my FaceBook account. It may seem like a silly thing to do but it is very significant to me. I realise after a week of not having it that I never needed it! I haven't missed anything but have gained so much time. So now what? I have decluttered & am confident that there is nothing left to "throw out" in both my home & my soul. I asked God what the next step is. These two verses immediately came to mind: Psalm 23:2 H

God Is Our Hope

Hope = to desire something with confident expectation of its fulfilment Wasn't Eric's message this Sunday powerful? It's so good to be reminded that God really is our hope in these times & always is. I found it very interesting when he mentioned the importance of inviting people into our world so they can see what hope looks like, but also that we shouldn't invite people into our dysfunction. We have to be living a life that shows hope & that believes God is our hope before we try to convince any one else of it. I really believe Eric spoke such truth here! Too many unsaved people are turned away from Jesus & a life of hope because they see the mess & dysfunction of our life - what is coming out of their mouth isn't lining up with the fruit in our life. - we confess God is our hope but we don't live like we believe it. Let's get our lives sorted out by lining it up with what the Bible says & believing what the Bible says. Then we won'