Being Free - The Story of the Infirmed Woman

I have decided to start a section for my sermons so that they are available to you should you be interested in something a bit more than my posts. I don't preach often so there won't be much to listen to from me & I am not very good at preaching so it won't be as awesome as Eric's messages, never-the-less I will keep an archive of them under the category called "my sermons" should you ever want to have a listen :) To start us off I thought I would add a sermon I did a few weeks ago in our Strength & Beauty Series called Being Free.

My heart's desire is that women (and men) realise who they are and are no longer robbed from their identity because they made a small mistake somewhere in their life or were victim of something horrible at some point. Even though the things that happened were horrible, they do not dictate who you ARE. No matter what has happened or no matter what you have done, here are some truths about who you ARE:

You are forgiven
You are clean
You are loved
You are God's favourite
You are holy
You are free
You are accepted
You are worth dying for

Hold on to what is true, say the above phrases out loud every day until you believe them more than you believe the lies that the enemy tries to tell you. Is the life you are living worth the death Jesus died? Come on girls, fight with me to be free women! I am on a journey too, so together let's be all we can be, a beautiful army of princesses shining for Jesus and showing our world how to live this precious life that Jesus gave to us. Listen to the full message here.


Autumn Leaves

It's definitely autumn, isn't it! Today I raked up all the leaves in our garden & then simply had to play in the big pile of leaves - I just couldn't resist. It wasn't that long ago that I was panicking about not being ready to say good bye to summer but now I am enjoying autumn & more determined than ever to enjoy each season in my life :) Life is too short no to. Have a great week & if you are doing anything fun to enjoy autumn let us know about it in the comment box below. x


Love Happens

Eric & I went to watch this movie on Wednesday & we both absolutely loved it! I wasn't expecting much when we went, I thought it would just be your usual romantic drama & was happy with going to see something light. However, it turned out to be a lot better than I anticipated. In a nutshell it's a romantic drama about a widower whose book about coping with loss turns him into a best-selling self-help guru. On a business trip to Seattle, he falls for a woman who attends one of his seminars, only to learn that he hasn't yet truly confronted his wife's passing. Watch the trailer here & if you decide to go see it take some tissues!


My Bedside Table

A bit random I know, but I thought it would be fun to Blog my bedside table! You can tell a lot about a person from their bedside table :) On my bedside table is my Bible, journals, notebooks (because I often can't sleep as I think too much so have to write things down during the night) & the books I am reading (Battlefields of the Mind - Joyce Meyer, Stop Acting Like a Christian & Just Be One - Christine Caine & I'll Have what She is Having - Bobby Houston). One of the journals is a journal of the journey of our church, I love our church and what God is doing & when I feel discouraged I read through that journal & look at all the photos & see all the beautiful people that God loves & my courage to 'press on' returns. I have a little teddy on my bedside table, Sam (Lorah's exceptionally amazing boyfriend) gave that to me one Christmas - his mom probably chose the gifts but never-the-less I like it (and I like Sam - he is so kind to Lorah & is doing amazing things for God in our church). I also have my three favourite perfumes on my bedside table, all gifts from amazing people in my life! I have a candle, actually we have lots of candles in our room, Eric & I enjoy candle light. Lastly I have a little butterfly bag that I keep bits & bobs in, you know like nail file, pens, nail polish, etc.

So what can you tell about me from my bedside table? Send your photo of your bedside table to me with some info & I will Blog it or leave a comment in the box about your bedside table. What a fun way to start the week, have a great week & remember '
Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.' Psalm 37:4



Great news, Eric has started a Blog . He is writing his thoughts about church planting, leadership, creativity & innovation. If you want to know more about the heart of our church or just general thoughts on leading & impacting your world then subscribe to Eric's Blog. I am really enjoying what he has already written & am looking forward to all that is to come. Check it out here. Also for more about the daily life of our church check out our church Blog here


Hillsong Conference 09

I have just returned from the most incredible week in London. The Hillsong Conference was so amazing, I don't think I will be able to put it into words for you. I have not laughed & cried so much in a long time, my heart was yanked in all different directions. God is clearly wanting unity amongst us churches so that he can come back & fetch His beautiful bride. I was challenged to the core this week & I know that a huge process of change has already begun in me. Here are some thoughts that stood out for me, each one completely life changing:

Craig Groeschel: God needs to do something in me before He can do something through me.
Joseph Prince: John 6:11 ...as much as they wanted
Donna Crouch: Are you building "us" or "them & us"
Flip Flippen: Your success is my mission
Craig Groeschel: Make them one as we are one
John 17:20
Phil Dooley: What you & I judge, Jesus might find beautiful
Donna Crouch: What is the need in your city, not what program do you feel like doing to feel good about yourself?
Brian Houston: IT is finished but I am not - "When Something Is Over Don’t Stop. There’s a huge difference between the end of an era and the completion of a destiny. Rev. 22:13 says, He is the beginning AND the end. Out of every end there is a beginning. Trust Him and never underestimate what can come out of an end. When you come to the end don’t stop. The best is yet to come!"

I can't resist including this photo too, look at Christine Caine - preaching with a Vespa on stage. I just love her passion & clear message on how as a church many of us have forgotten the mission! We have moved from missional to so many other things & it's time to get back to the mission of reaching the lost for Jesus. Matthew 28:19

It's not easy to put such an amazing experience into words, have a look at the highlights

My most amazing friend, Michelle, totally blew me away this week by taking care of Amy for the entire conference! I cannot describe my gratitude to her for this HUGE gift to me & to the entire King's Church team for making it possible for Eric & I to have this life changing week.



You gotta check this out, what an awesome, amazing, blessed, special day I had today! At Church we dedicated Amy & another little boy called Aston. His dad, Tom, shared his testimony briefy, it is amazing.

Oh my goodness, just 11 weeks ago this man, Tom, was on the street, no home & no hope. He came to church through a sandwich, gave his life to Jesus and today he was on stage with his family & friend dedicating his son to God.

These are his own words; "About 10 or 11 weeks ago I was sat on a street corner somewhere around the city and a guy or a woman, I can't remember who it was, said, hey if you're hungry, go to the Guildhall about 1 o' clock and they will give you a sandwich and a cuppa tea. So that's what I did. I would come each week and each week I started to feel like a hypocrite. But you guys started speaking to me. I started to listen and to do something about my own problems. And it's through that, that we are all stood together on this stage now. And my son will be blessed by God."

Wow, isn't that so precious. Don't underestimate what God can do through the seemingly small and insignificant things that you do. You may not be the one who preaches or sings on the stage, you may just be the person who prepared a few sandwiches for church or who pours the coffee on Sunday. But it was through the sandwich that you made or the coffee that you poured or the little conversation that you had with Tom that made him feel welcome, loved and accepted. All the little tiny things that we do together add up to one more life won for Jesus. One more family reconciled. One more little boy with a future and a hope. One more neighbour hood impacted. One more.... who knows. We simply don't know where this will lead, we don't know who Tom's testimony will reach, we just don't know what is going to happen as a result of this one sandwich!