Secure on the Rock STUDY GUIDE

Since the Hope's Journey STUDY GUIDE has been selling three times as fast as the actual book, I thought it would be good to let you know about the Secure on the Rock STUDY GUIDE too.

This book is a very practical workbook that will take you from any form of insecurity to a place of freedom and security. Based on the book, Secure on the Rock, the study guide covers practical steps from my journey of extreme, unreasonable, controlling insecurity to freedom in security.

It is written in a fully interactive workbook format and can be used for self study or small group study.  Buy your copy now from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk


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  2. All of us have suffered from some form of insecurity in the past or even in the present. I personally really enjoyed the book and it was an honour to help Angela produce the study guide based on her book. If you've read the book (which I highly recommend you do) you'll see how Angela's life was turned around from being 'hopeless' and 'aimless' as she was riddled with insecurity and doubt, to a life of complete freedom, joy and purpose as God took her on a journey of shedding all the insecurities that plagued her throughout her early life. The study guide is just brilliant as we as readers get to share our own experiences and thoughts in relation to hers and as a result find the keys to our own freedom from insecurity, whatever those insecurities are. Investing in this study guide is an investment in your future that you won't regret! Powerful stuff xx