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Monday & Tuesday... In The Studio

It's only Wednesday morning and I have already learned so much this week! I am out of breath from the intense roller coaster ride that I have been on and it's been both wonderful and scary all at the same time. Although it has been amazing I have also learned so much and have so much to share with you, way too much for one Blog post so I may stretch it over a few posts. Let's me start by telling you what I have been up to :) On Monday morning our church band, D7 Band , started recording our very first album! I have the awesome privilege of being involved as one of the songwriters and singers. Keep in mind that D7 Church was born on 1 December 2009 and we have only started writing our own songs since then. Also keep in mind that none of us are professional musicians so this is a HUGE thing for us as a band and as a church. Personally, I have no singing experience and never in my wildest dreams did I ever see myself doing something like this. For me, this has been an

You are... loved with an everlasting love

Since Eric & I first started dating he has consistently done the sweetest thing. From time to time he sends me "you are" emails where he writes something really sweet, starting with you are... then followed by a phrase affirming my identity. We have been together for six years now and he still takes time to do this. I have kept every single one, they mean so much to me and they help me remember who I am and how much I am loved. Today I would like to start doing the same thing for us girls, I am going to write a "you are" post from time to time to remind us of who we are as King's Daughters. See it as an email from heaven! It's great fun realising that when we are born again we are adopted into God's family and become princesses :) That is only step one though, the rest of the journey is a beautiful journey of discovering what it means to be a princess. So here is today's precious reminder: You are... loved with an everlasting love Jeremiah

A God Shaped Hole II

"In the effort to make things perfect, a woman can beg her man to be like the one over there. She's hoping that if he could change, she'd finally be whole. When the man feels that he is asked to be something he wasn't ever made to be, when he senses the pressure to meet expectations that seem unattainable, when he wants to fill but doesn't really understand how to pour, after years of talking and trying and talking some more the man can step back in frustration. The woman tries to counter the distance by leaning and desperately asking him for more. And he might try from miles away, but he can't. So he looks across the back yard and wonders if his neighbours woman has these needs. Maybe she doesn't. Maybe a woman like her could appreciate a man like him. And his heart wonders away. And he gives up on romance with the one he has loved and the passion dies. And the heart of the woman who has expected the man to be enough dies with it. The woman is a

My Gorgeous Family

We were given a delightful oppurtunity to have a photo shoot as a family and I am thrilled to share this photo with you, many thanks to Portrait Academy for this lovely photo!

A God Shaped Hole

I have been so very inspired lately, much more than usual! It's so wonderful finally realising who I am and what God wants from me in this life. I have often longed for this kind of freedom in my life and for years have felt so trapped. At the time I couldn't quite identify what it was that trapped me but I knew I wasn't free. For most of my life I was trapped in insecurity and at other times I was lost and couldn't figure out my true identity. Other seasons I found myself trapped in sin and in other seasons I was trapped in busyness. The list could go on forever but in each season of my life I have desired the freedom that I know God desires for me too. Finally I have begun to taste that freedom. I know it is only the beginning too, how exciting, there is so much more to come. The Bible says in John 8:36 that if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. This is the freedom I always desired, the indeed sort of freedom ha ha. The truth is, t

Hold on to Your Joy

I have noticed lately that joy is really precious but sadly it is easily lost. I have happy moments but what I would really like is a joyful lifestyle. In the Bible there are verses that say that our "joy may be full ". I really long for that, that my joy may be full. It sounds secure and constant, to me it is not a fleeting moment but it is a lifestyle. In the Bible in Galatians 5:22-23 it speaks of joy as being a fruit of the Spirit, so how do we get the fruit of the Spirit? Like any fruit from any tree, it has to grow from a seed & over a period of time & in the right season. John 15: 4 gives us a key and that is to abide in Jesus. So these are the things I am considering in order to lead a joyful lifestyle: 1) What things in my life bring me joy? 2) What of these things conflict with my priorities in my current season ? 3) What of these things are actually unhealthy & will produce bad fruit in my life? 4) What of these things are going to produce good

Community Pastor Wanted

Our Church is looking for a lovely person or couple to serve as community pastor/s with us. If you or someone you know may be interested in this sort of role please leave your email address in the comments box and we will send you the full details. No previous experience necessary only a passion for Jesus and a genuine love for people required. Full training is provided :)

How to make Friends

Yes I know this subject seems a bit strange, but I can't tell you how many lonely people I have met who genuinely don't know how to make new friends. I am no expert on this as I am an introvert who is quite content with my own company ha ha. Never-the-less over the years I have had to step out of my comfort zone and intentionally build friendships. I will share what has worked for me but I would be very grateful if you could share what works for you too as different personalities approach things from different angles. If you are an outgoing sort of person you are probably laughing at this post as you are constantly surrounded by people, but I would like to challenge you too. How deep are your friendships? To make friends I would suggest: Get around people: It's very difficult to meet people if you don't put yourself in a position to meet people. Church of course is a great place and even better is to get involved in church life. Another idea could be to join a c