Anointed for Business

I passionately believe that we have missed the whole point of the gifts of the spirit, the fivefold ministry and the church.  It seems we have built a church based on our needs and our comfort rather than on the needs of the lost and dying world around us.  It is time for the church to rise up and get out into the world again.  Recently I have had the privilege of speaking at our church about a subject.  I spoke about how we are actually anointed for business and how we need to take the church out into the business world and stop keeping the power of God hidden away in the churches.  This message is new and I hope to develop it more and tidy it up so I can share it with other churches and groups of people but for now, here is the first draft of Anointed for Business Part I and II.   I hope God speaks to you through this message and if you would like me to share it at your church please feel free to make a booking here.

Anointed for Business I

Anointed for Business II


Being a Lover

Being a Lover is a part of the Being series where we look at the honest and practical truth about sex. God made sex for pleasure yet many women struggle to be truly free in this area. A must read for women with great benefits for men too.

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Heterosexual and Married   
The Five Stages of Sex   

Being a Lover   
    For the First Time   
    With a Past   
    Who Plans   
    Who Understands   
    Who Helps   
    Who has Fun   
    In Her Mind   
    Who Communicates   
    Who Does Not Grow Cold   
    Who Seduces   
    Who Expresses Her Feelings   
    Who is Naked   
    Who is Unashamed   
    Who is Healthy   
    Who is Pregnant   
    Who is Ageing   

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Abundant Life Workbook

Abundant Life Workbook
Practical Steps for Living Life to the Full

Why does the Bible say that we can have life abundantly and yet so many people are still struggling? Why does the Bible say that we don’t have to worry about money and yet most people still worry? How do we live the life that it Jesus wants us to live in this day and age? ABUNDANT LIFE highlights the valuable and timeless principles that lead to a life more abundantly.  Take control of your life one step at a time until you find yourself living an abundant life with the very practical Abundant Life Workbook.

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Step 1 - Small Steps   
Step 2 – Your Will   
Step 3 – Your Mind   
Step 4 – Joyful Trials   
Step 5 – Emergency Exits
Step 6 – Daily Discipline
Step 7 – God’s Way   
Step 8 – Being You   
Step 9 – Finding You   
Step 10 – Circumstance Stepping-Stone   
Step 11 – Circumstance Creativity   
Step 12 – Circumstance Gratitude   
Step 13 – Back to Love   
Step 14 – Love Languages
Step 15 – Iron Sharpening
Step 16 – Eliminating Busyness   
Step 17 – Resting   
Step 18 – Fasting   
Step 19 – Stewarding   
Step 20 – Producing Fruit
Step 21 – Vision   
Step 22 – PAD
Step 23 – Gifts 
Step 24 – Going Back
Step 25 – Moving Forward
Step 26 – Death

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Abundant Life - Abundant Relationships

Do to others as you would have them do to you - Luke 6:31

    When it comes to relationships there is a very simple rule to follow that will bring abundance into every single relationship in your life and that is simply to do to others as you would have them do to you. It is quite that simple and if you could develop that one habit then I am convinced that every single one of your dealings with another human being would flourish.  If we all simply took a minute to consider out actions or words before unleashing them, to think about if they were something that we would like done to us, then the world might be a very different place. 
    Another hugely important key to any relationship is love.  It may sound a bit weird to you if I told you to love your boss at work but you mind think it is perfectly reasonable if I told you to love your husband.  True love works no matter what.
At the heart of every single relationship on the earth is the need for love.  Your boss will flatly deny it and so might your teenager but your husband might agree.   The simple truth is that it is possible that you have misunderstood what love is which is why you might thing what I am saying is bizarre. 

Love is Not a Feeling
Let’s start with the basics.  Love is not a feeling.  Love is an act of your will.  If your idea of love is the squishy feeling you get inside of you then we are talking about two different things.  The squishy feeling is in fact infatuation not love.  Infatuation can be defined as a feeling of foolish or extravagant passion or attraction.  Most people say that they fall in love, which sadly means that you can fall out of love again.  What they actually mean is that they were infatuated at first but then the passion faded. True love does not depend on fleeting, passionate feelings.  True love cannot be fallen into or fallen out of.  True love is a decision that you make to love someone and the only way you can stop loving them is if you decide to stop loving them.  True love does not depend on how you feel about them, it is a decision you make that is unrelated to how you feel on any given day or where you are in your hormonal cycle if you are a woman.  You see, relationships based on infatuation are unstable and unpredictable.
     A relationship based on love is secure and will withstand the storms of life.  Sadly, we human beings are incapable of pure love; we are too selfish and hopelessly flawed.  Even our best attempts at truly loving someone will always be tainted by our flaws and there can never be pure.  Thank God for Jesus!  He was the only human being who ever lived whose love was perfect on this earth.  His love is and always will be pure and available to us.  It is when we tap into His love that we are truly able to love, and it’s in His love where all abundant relationships begin. 

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning
You cannot give what you don’t have to give.  If you do not have the love of Jesus inside your heart then you are unable to give His pure love to another living person.  You need to start at the very beginning. 

 We love Him because He first loved us.                  - 1 John 4:19

The very beginning is realising that it all starts with God.  If you already love God you cannot take any credit for loving Him.  You love Him because He first loved you.  If you don’t love God then may I tell you a little bit about Him please?
     God loves you.  Yes, the creator of the universe loves YOU.  He is besotted with you.  He has watched you for every minute of your life since you were born.  In fact, He knew you and all the plans He had for you long before you were even thought of by your parents.  He said in the Bible that before He formed you in the womb He knew you .  God loves you so much that He even sent His one and only son, Jesus, to save you.  As you might already know, this trip from heaven to earth ended up resulting in Jesus death for you.  He died so that you could live.  He was punished so that you didn’t have to be.  He took your guilt and shame so that you could be free.  He did all these things before you even knew that He existed.  Now that is true love.

This is a chapter snippet from the book, Abundant Life.  Find out more here or use the Abundant Life study notes or workbook for self study or for group study.  Abundant Life is guaranteed to change your life so that you can live life to the full - more abundantly.


Esther or Delilah? - Delilah’s Story

Sampson was an incredibly strong man, his strength was a gift from God which came with a very specific instruction. From the day he was born until the day he died, God said that he was not to cut his hair.  Samson’s mother did as God said and did not cut his hair.  Samson enjoyed great strength all through his childhood and teens, having never cut his hair.  However, Samson grew up and along with his mighty strength, he also developed a weakness.  Like most men, he liked beautiful women!  After all, who can resist a beautiful woman? 
The love of Samson’s life was a beautiful woman, Delilah.  Sadly, this beautiful woman, like many beautiful women today, was not good for him.  Delilah was being paid by the Philistines to seduce Samson in order to find out what made him so very strong.  The Philistines said to her, “Entice him, and find out where his great strength lies, and by what means we may overpower him, that we may bind him to afflict him; and every one of us will give you eleven hundred pieces of silver.” 
So Delilah, using all of her charm and beauty, said to Samson, “Please tell me what makes you strong.  I really, really want to know. Tell me too what would cause you to lose your strength.”
    Delilah batted her eye lids, pouted her lips and used her voluptuous body to seduce Samson into telling her what she needed to know.  As she sat giving him her sexiest smile he said to her, “If you tie me up with seven fresh bowstrings, not yet dried, then I will become weak, and have the usual strength like any other man.”
    Delilah left Samson while he was having a nap and raced off to tell the leaders of the Philistines what she had discovered.  Immediately they set to work and got seven fresh bowstrings, not yet dried, gave them to Delilah and she tied him up with them.  Some of the Philistine men came into the room with her, ready to capture Samson when they were sure he was weakened.  She said to him, “The Philistines are upon you, Samson!”
But he broke the bowstrings as a strand of yarn breaks when it touches fire. So the secret of his strength was not known.
    Samson seemed oblivious to what Delilah was up to and so this game continued as she asked him where he got his strength from and he responded with something that was not true.  When Samson fell asleep Delilah would try what Samson had told her, the Philistines would come to get him and he would escape.
Delilah became upset and said to Samson, “How can you say, ‘I love you,’ when your heart is not with me? You have mocked me these three times, and have not told me where your great strength lies.”
    She continued to use the ‘if you love me’ line on Samson day in and day out.  Pestering him daily with her words, she wore him down until he could take it no more.  She nagged and nagged and nagged.  Samson’s soul became vexed to death and he gave in to her.   He told her everything about himself and said to her, “No razor has ever come upon my head, for I have been a Nazirite to God from my mother’s womb. If I am shaven, then my strength will leave me, and I shall become weak, and be like any other man.”     
Once again, Delilah lulled him to sleep on her knees.  As soon as he had drifted off she called over a man and had him shave off the seven locks of his head.  Delilah immediately began to shout and call out to Samson so that he would wake up and as he woke his strength left him.   She continued to taunt him saying, “The Philistines are upon you, Samson!”
    Samson, being accustomed to Delilah’s games, awoke from his sleep and thought that he could shake the Philistines off as before but he could not.  Not this time!  God had left.  God was not with him anymore and when God left so did Samson’s great strength. 
Shock, horror and utter disbelief filled Samson when he realised what had happened.  Before he even had time to collect his thoughts excruciating pain writhed throughout his entire body as they gauged out his eyes.  Blood mixed with sweat dripped down his face but no mercy was given as they forced him to walk down to Gaze.  He was bound with bronze fetters by the Philistines and taken captive.  Within a few short hours, Samson had gone from being the world’s strongest man to a mere prisoner slave.  As he ground  away each day in the prison mill, he recalled how he once had it all.  He had the looks, the life and the girl.  Most importantly, he had God with him.
    Samson lived in utter humiliation as a slave and a prisoner. The shackles were holding his body but regret and guilt had taken control of his soul.   This once mighty man was reduced to nothing – the joke of the Philistines.  He gave up his strength for a beautiful woman but ended up losing both his strength and the woman he loved.   His life was wasted and he had nothing to live for. 
    One evening, while Samson sat bound with his chains of regret as well as chains of steel, the Philistines called upon Samson to perform for them.  Their hearts were particularly merry that evening and they must have thought it fun to watch this prisoner perform for them. 
Samson was brought down from the prison and placed between two pillars.  Of course, having no eyes made him feel insecure and so he said to the lad who held him by the hand, “Let me feel the pillars which support the temple, so that I can lean on them.”
    Now the temple was full of men and women. All the lords of the Philistines were there—about three thousand men and women on the roof watching while Samson performed.  Then Samson called to the LORD, saying, “O Lord GOD, remember me, I pray! Strengthen me, I pray, just this once, O God, that I may with one blow take vengeance on the Philistines for my two eyes!”
    And Samson took hold of the two middle pillars which supported the temple, and he braced himself against them, one on his right and the other on his left.  Then Samson said, “Let me die with the Philistines!”
    And he pushed with all his might, and the temple fell on the lords and all the people who were in it. So the dead that he killed at his death were more than he had killed in his life.
This is a chapter snippet from Esther or Delilah?  
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Nature's Way - Exfoliator

Exfoliation is a good practise for removing the top layer of the skin, which consists mainly of dead skin cells, oil, sweat and dirt. As this layer builds up it dulls your skins appearance. Once this layer is removed your skin will appear healthier and have a lovely natural glow to it.
     Exfoliating has been around for quite some time, the Ancient Greeks exfoliated by rubbing their skin with a mixture of oils and sand.  They then scraped their skin with a strigil,  which is a curved metal scraper used to scrape dirt and sweat from the body before effective soaps became available.   
      We have moved on from that method but many modern methods can be harmful and even dangerous.  Abrasive methods have long been hailed as the cure for wrinkles, acne and other skin conditions but these harsh methods actually remove your skins natural defences.  The result is not wrinkle free, acne free skin but rather damaged skin.   Some exfoliators are so harsh that they can cause the face to bleed, especially ones that include sharp objects such as apricot kernels and walnut shells.  These can be used for feet and elbows but definitely not for your face.  Acclaimed facialists Sarah Chapman Chapman and Vaishaly Patel suggest you avoid the new breed of home microdermabrasion kits which sandblast the skin with aluminium oxide crystals.  They say that these sorts of things are simply too harsh and aggressive.  
      A good rule of thumb is to use exfoliates that are rounded such as sand, bicarbonate of soda, sugar, salt, etc.  If you live near the seaside I highly recommend spending some time gently rubbing the sea sand all over your body – the combination of salt and sand does wonders for your skin.
      Men who shave with blade razors as opposed to electric ones don’t need to exfoliate; the razor does the job quite nicely.

Nature’s Way Alternatives
Ground oats is my favourite exfoliator as I always have plenty of it in my home and it does the job perfectly. Because oats are mildly rough, they are one of nature's most effective exfoliators. They soften the skin leaving it silky smooth and have been clinically shown to help heal dry, itchy skin. 
  • Healthier skin
  • Slows the ageing process
  • Save lots of money
  • No harmful chemicals

  • Don’t exfoliate more than once a week – it’s not necessary and can dry out or damage your skin which needs time to restore its natural oil balance.
  • Don’t rub too harshly or excessively.
  • Avoid the delicate skin around your eyes.
  • Don’t exfoliate in the morning - exfoliating your face can increase sun sensitivity by up to 45% as it removes the natural oils produced while you sleep which can act as a natural mild sun protection.
  • Don’t use harsh exfoliators such as apricot kernel and walnut shells.
  • Don’t use chemical exfoliators or chemical peels as they will damage your skin.


Ingredients:  Oats

Method:  Take 2 - 3 teaspoons raw oats and crush them into smaller bits either by hand or in a grinder. After cleansing your face gently rub the oats into your skin for 10 to 15 seconds. Rinse your face with warm water until you no longer feel the granules of the oats. Dry your face gently with a clean soft towel and if necessary follow with a natural toner and moisturiser.

More exfoliator recipes:
There are many other simple ways to make exfoliators using natural ingredients, here are some examples:

Yogurt and Rice Powder
If you have oily skin, you can use yogurt to exfoliate as it will remove blackheads and whiteheads. 
  • Mix rice powder and yogurt together into a thick paste.
    Rub it into your skin in little circular movements.  
  • Leave for five minutes and rinse it off.

Olive Oil and SugarIf you have oily skin, you can use yogurt to exfoliate as it will remove blackheads and whiteheads. 
  • 3 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • ½ cup of Granulated Sugar
  • 2 tablespoons Aloe Vera (optional)

Mix all the ingredients together and rub it into your skin in little circular movements.   This is suitable for face and body exfoliation.  Leave for three to five minutes and rinse it off.  The sugar will remove dead skin cells and the olive oil and Aloe Vera will nourish your skin keeping it moisturized.

Milk and Salt
  • ½ cup cold milk 
  • ½ tablespoon salt

Soak a cotton ball and gently dab all over your face.  Allow the mixture to dry on your face for about 3 minutes and then dip the cotton ball in the mixture again and rub lightly in a circular motion.  Rinse with warm water. The milk will remove deep pore dirt and the salt will exfoliate.

Now it's your turn.
If you have any exfoliating tips that work well, please share them with us.  Find out more about Nature's Way here.


Being a Woman in Business - Who Has a Vision

Sometime around 600 BC the wisest king to rule Israel, King Solomon, wrote, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  Not much has changed since then and this timeless principle can be applied to many areas of life including our business life. 
    Vision in this Proverb is from the Hebrew word châzôn which means mental sight, a dream, revelation or oracle and stems from the primitive root châzâh which means to gaze at, to mentally to perceive, contemplate (with pleasure); specifically to have a vision of, behold, look, prophesy and see.  So as you can see having a vision has a lot to do with being able to see ahead. 
    For many years people have tried to gain the ability to predict things, especially in the area of business.  We have everything from fortune tellers and weather forecast to cash flow forecasts and economists.  Having a vision however is not gaining the ability to tell the future but it is about having the ability to see what the future could be like.  Once you can see where you are going you are better able to plot your course to getting there.  Too often in business we are like a dog chasing its tail.  You can get so caught up being incredibly busy running around that you don’t even realise that going nowhere.     
    Success in business starts with a vision, with a dream.  Too many people lose the dream because they are drowned by the workload.  No matter where you are in your business right now, stop for a moment.  Stop to take time to remember the dream that you had before starting your business.  Stop for a moment and write down what you are aiming for.  You are more likely to hit the bull’s eye if you actually aim for it. 
    In the mid to late 7th century BC, another great man, Habakkuk, recorded what God said to Him about vision.  God said, “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.”   So here we find the second key to vision and that is to write it down.  When we write down our vision we are free to run because we know here we are heading.  Things are clearer and we are able to get on with them.  When we don’t write down our vision we could end up anywhere.  Writing the vision down helps you to clarify the vision, to make it plain.        
     Once your vision is written you are better able to define a clear path towards it. 
In engineering or software development a process called reverse engineering is often adopted.  Reverse engineering is simply taking things apart and putting them back together again in order to understand them, copy them or improve them.  In the same way, we can take our vision and break it down as much as possible until we better understand it, then we can plan a clear path to achieve it.  Start with the end in mind. Many people fail to achieve what they set out to do because they are unable to break the huge vision down into small steps so they give up unsuccessful and frustrated.   
     Finally, you need to live the vision.  Each small step, each day and each piece of the plan no matter how small is all living the vision.  You are now on the journey towards your vision.  It’s a very exciting journey and if you are focused and intentional in every step you will live your dream.  Most importantly, you will discover that the journey is the dream and not necessarily the destination.  You learn and grow and become the person you need to be as you reach towards you vision.  It’s a wonderful process and if you can learn to enjoy the journey and live the vision each day then you will be a lot less stressed than people who see attaining the vision as the only source of fulfilment.  Enjoy the journey.
    It is very likely that you will hit a wall on your journey.  You will reach a place where it doesn’t seem to be working and you will be tempted to give up and either accept failure or find a new vision.  More often than not, giving up occurs right before a breakthrough.   Too many people give up too soon and miss the breakthrough that was just around the corner.  If you really believe in what you are doing don’t give up.  Push yourself through hard time, enjoy the good times and understand that the journey will always have its ups and downs.

So in summary here is your vision plan:

1.    Have a Vision
2.    Write the Vision
3.    Reverse Engineer the Vision
4.    Live the Vision
5.    Don’t Give Up
Find out more about Being a Woman in Business here or use this material to host your own Girl's Night.  We also have a monthly business networking event called Women in Business, find our more here.  


The 5 Stages of Being a Mother

Baby and Toddler
Having a baby can be very different for many people.  Some find it easy and are filled with joy right from birth whereas others struggle to adapt.  Guilt can already set in from this stage and can stay right until the grandmother stage.  Make sure you don’t get comfortable with guilt, deal with it whenever it rears its ugly head so that you can enjoy your many wonderful years as a mother. 
    Lack of sleep can also be a huge challenge during this stage so it’s really important not to take on too much during the first year of being a mother.  These years come with many joys and challenges but the most important thing is that you give your little one love.  Love is what feeds that precious little one more than anything else and creates a secure foundation which you will build on in the years ahead.  Love in the form of gentle words and physical touch is very important in the formative years.  Discipline also starts at this stage so that you don’t struggle later on in the school years.  Early discipline can simply be a firm no and a look of disapproval, followed by a kind hug afterwards just to show that you still love them.     
School Years
Once a child starts attending school he or she will go through significant changes, especially as they face many influences and challenges.  A little girl will find security in knowing that she is beautiful and a little boy will find his security in knowing that he is strong.  As you observe your children you will see how important these basic needs are.
     Your role during these years is to provide security for them by being available to answer their questions and to love them through their struggles.  Most of your time will be spent talking to them as they grow and learn.  Talk to them as often as possible about as much as possible so that you can build a good, strong connection with them which will be valuable during the teen stage. 
     The best thing you can do as a mother is to observe your children so that you can learn who God made them to be.  Once you discover who they are you can easily guide them through life.  There is nothing more harmful than trying to force your child to be someone that they are not.  So take your time to learn about them and offer loving guidance along the way.    

A teenager faces many significant changes both physical and emotional.  The most important thing you can do for a teenager is to take the time to understand their struggles and to guide them rather than dominate them.  Yes, boundaries are very important and you should not waver in this area as they will try to push the boundaries but will respect you more for putting your foot down. 
    The teenage years can be very confusing, especially for girls who have to learn to cope with hormonal mood swings.  As the mother of a teenager you will need to continue to be loving and patient but at the same time extremely firm and direct about what is acceptable and what is not.  Being their best friend is great but not at the expense of losing your authority as a mother.  You are a mother first who enjoys a close friendship with her teenager.  Keep that clear and you should do well. 
    Early teens (from about thirteen to sixteen) still need firm boundaries in place even though they think they are grown up.  Late teens (seventeen to nineteen) need to be shown trust as young adults but still need reasonable boundaries.  Early teens who rebel need to be disciplined and have consequences for their rebellion.  Late teens who rebel need to be set free after being told that the consequences of their rebellion are on their own head – do not bail them out of the consequences that they might suffer no matter how much you want to.  Finding the balance with your teens in the most difficult thing to do but don’t give up on the boundaries you have set.   

Empty Nest
Having your children leave home can either be very rewarding or very painful.  There are many factors that will determine whether you have rewards or pain but the biggest key is preparation.  Don’t be ignorant in this area.  Have a plan in place from their late teens so that when the time comes, possibly sometime in their twenties, you will be well prepared.  Here are some ideas that you could put in place towards the end of their teens or the beginning of their twenties – each child is different so you will be able to determine how long they will stay home although don’t leave it too late or you might end up surprised.  Don’t wait until your children have left home; begin preparations before that day comes.

Preparation Steps:
  1. Loosen the Bonds:  Relax or remove curfews and allow them more freedom and responsibility.  Trust their decisions and when they make poor choices only offer them advice if necessary.  
  2. Rediscover Yourself: Many parents forget the things that they once loved before having children.  Use this stage to rekindle old passions, sports and hobbies.  Have some ‘me’ time every week and don’t give it up if one of your children need you during your ‘me’ time.   
  3. Invest in Marriage: Enjoy a regular date night, go on short breaks, take time to communicate and have fun together.  Your marriage needs to last a lifetime and too many marriages fall apart at empty next stage.

     Allow yourself time to grieve.  No matter how well you prepare and plan to cope, there will be a time of grieving.  For me it was when my first child was approaching her eighteenth birthday and started dating.  I’m not sure if it was the birthday or the dating, but something kick-started a six month grieving period where I had to let go of her and start relating to her as an adult.  It was very painful but very necessary.
    Some parents grieve early as I did and others much later only after the last child has left home.  There is no telling when you have to go through this but you will have to go through it so you may as well be prepared. Read a book on grieving perhaps but make sure you understand what lies ahead.  Most importantly, find the good in this stage, each stage has positives and it’s a good idea to look for them so you can enjoy your life.

    Titus 2:3-5 has some wonderful advice for older women, “the older women likewise, that they be reverent in behaviour, not slanderers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things— that they admonish the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, homemakers, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be blasphemed.”
A grandmother should be an example to all and should teach her children and grandchildren how to do life well.  It’s a wonderful privilege to have reached this final stage of being a mother and this stage should be embraced. 
    Take time to invest in your grandchildren, teach them from your years of life experience and build a good strong relationship with them so that they have someone other than their parents to talk to when they have problems.  Most importantly, enjoy being a grandmother. 

Find out more about Being a Mother here or use this material to host your own Girl's Night or Mum's Group.