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Living life the way it was meant to be. There has to be more to life than this! What am I here for? What is my purpose? Who am I really? I have to find myself! Am I good enough? Who am I? Is life meant to be like this? Questions everyone asks at some point in their life but seldom find the answers to. " Free " explores all these nagging questions. Book available at: | | Kindle Free audio here:  Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 Contents: Introduction Free from Masks Free from the Past Free from Shame Free from Fear Free to Forgive Free to Say No Free to Be Me Free to Live Free to Be Weak Free to Love Free to Laugh Free to Give Free to Lead Free Gifts Freely He Gave

Passion & Purity - Searching for Passion

The power of my choice The season of living like a pig lasted about six months, during this time my first husband and I were separated. He was never someone I could lean on sadly, so when I went down my path of destruction he followed and went down his own path of destruction. We were separated but neither one of us could have been bothered to find a new home so we still both lived in the same home. Weird, I know! After we both got bored with it all, we got back together again as husband and wife. I can’t remember the details, but somehow we found our way back to God too. We repented and continued with our marriage as if nothing had happened. A few years later our daughter Jordan was born and we lived what seemed like a normal Christian family life. Skip a few more years, a few seasons of good times and a few seasons of hard times, you know – normal life. I became bored with life and life’s struggles, I wanted a better life and I needed more adventure. My husband was without

Being a Woman - Who is Not Ashamed

What are you ashamed of? Your height or your hair, your deepest, darkest secret or your husband who swears all the time or perhaps you are ashamed of what you have done or the woman you have become. No matter how tiny or how huge, we all carry some sort of shame. God’s desire is that we are women who are not ashamed. This is how it was in the beginning and this is one of the areas that we need to take back. Genesis 2:25 And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed . Can you imagine walking around in a beautiful garden completely naked? Just thinking about it makes me cling to my clothes! I don’t believe it was only a physical nakedness that they experienced but a nakedness of their hearts too. Adam and Eve had nothing to hide from God, no secrets, no guilt, no fears and no shame. They lived in perfect harmony with the one who made them. It must have been so amazing; my mind can’t even conceive such a thing. But sadly they blew it! They list

Passion & Purity - Robbed of Purity

In the beginning It all started out rather innocently. I was nineteen years old at the time, a very young wife and mother. We were introduced by a friend of my husband. His name was Ben. A few days later we bumped into each other on the bus and got chatting. He had a very sweet way of speaking to me and he called me ‘love’. I liked that. No one had ever called me ‘love’ before. I didn’t think anything of it, I was married after all, but I did like the way he made me feel when he called me ‘love’. It made me feel special. A few weeks after our first meeting, he started coming over to my home to visit me. A few more weeks passed and we began spending a lot of time together. I was at home all day with my two year old daughter and he was free during the daytime too as he was out of a job. He didn’t need to bother with work as he was still living at home with his parents. We were both very young and very bored. We enjoyed each other’s company very much so we began getting to

Happy 16th Birthday Jordan

You might be wondering what me sanding has to do with Jordan's birthday! Well, for her birthday this year we completely redecorated her bedroom!  We had three days while she was away to paint her walls, remover her carpet, sand the floors and buy her cool stuff for her room! It was hard work but we did it!  Here is the end result :) Happy Birthday Jordan - We are all very proud of the lovely young woman that you have become.  Enjoy being a real princess in a real princess bedroom. xxx

50 First Dates

If you asked Ruth what date she got saved she could probably give you 50 dates, although she doesn't remember any of them.  For the past year, every Sunday, without fail, she puts her hand up to accept Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.  It is the most beautiful thing ever!  You see, she had a car accident a few years ago which resulted in her memory not functioning as it should.  So each Sunday, when she hears the gospel, she responds as if it's her first time and accepts Jesus into her life yet again. Have you ever watched the movie, 50 First Dates ? Each day Henry must get Lucy to fall in love with him all over again, and again and again. Henry is completely smitten. But when he takes the big step of seeing her the next day, Lucy does not remember him. As the result of a past car accident, she has no short-term memory. When she wakes up after a night’s sleep, she is completely unaware of the passing of time. It is a beautiful movie that reminds me so much of Ruth. Jesus is c

Passion & Purity - Introduction

It's that time again - time for the much awaited release of my next book, Passion & Purity.  I say much awaited because I already have pre-orders lined up ready for the official June release.  This is the third book in the three part series and my wonderful friends who have proof read say it's the best of the three - the cherry on top of the cake.  Personally, I found this book the hardest to write and I really didn't want to release it. Never-the-less, I have put my pride in my pocked and am going to share it with you despite my fears.  So here goes... the very first pages of the Introduction. For obvious reasons, I really didn’t want to write this book and I dreaded the thought of publishing it! The Loving Life Series has been a series of three books covering my story but the part of the story that I focus on in this book is very difficult to admit to. Never-the-less, I knew I could not avoid writing it! Philippians 2:4-7 Let each of you look out no

Embarrassing Moment

After a few people mentioning that there were spelling and grammar errors in my book, Hope's Journey, I decided to have a read!  Much to my embarrassment I realised that the incorrect version of the book went to print.  I am so sorry to those of you that have bought it, you should have said something!  Anyway, the correct version is going to Amazon right away and the few unedited versions that I have I am going to offer for £5 instead of £10, if you would like one of these duds for a reduced price you can get it here - you will get the same story but with a few typos.

Being a Woman - Helps & Protects

In Genesis 2:18 it says that God gave a woman to Adam as 'help' meet for him. This word 'help' comes from the Hebrew word  עזר ‛êzer (ay'-zer) which means aid or help.  This word aid or help comes from the root word עזר ‛âzar (aw-zar') which means to surround, protect, help & succour .   I was fascinated when I discovered this as I always saw my helper role as a woman as the sort of helper that makes tea for meetings and does the dishes, you know what I mean?  This word ' êzer ' seems so much stronger than that.  It is as if the role of the helper is to protect the man when he is in great distress or need. So as women we are not designed as helpers to make a cuppa tea, no we are way more than that.  God designed us to surround our husband with help & protection.  Since we already know that we are the weaker vessel physically, it stands to reason that this is not a physical help or protection but perhaps a protection of his

Happy Mother's Day

Being a mother is the most amazing thing in the world and I am so grateful to God that I have been able to have four healthy children.  I know many women who haven't been blessed with children and their story breaks my heart.  This mother's day I want to thank God for the privilege of being a mother and I want to do this by supporting other mother's who have taken eight children under their wings in Watoto, Uganda.  These amazing women have made a decision to live in a house to love and raise children that have been left orphans by issues such as poverty, HIV/AIDS, war and some children that have been rescued from the child soldier crisis in Uganda. Last week I had the privilege of hearing the stories first hand from some of the orphans and hear their beautiful voices sing in the Watoto Children's Choir .  My 'first world' selfishness was exposed and I was humbled by these beautiful people sharing their story of the hope that they have found in Jesus.  As I wa