Being a Wife - Who Builds Her Husband

Have you ever noticed how little is said about the husband in Proverbs 31. It pretty much says that he trusts her (v11), he praises her (v28) and is known in the gates, when he sits among the elders of the land (v23). Could it be that all that she does is the  reason for his honour at the gates? 

Verse twenty three seems quite out of place, stuck right in the middle of a detailed description of all the work that she does. But he's not really out of place. He is actually perfectly placed. Our work is what we use to build our husbands up with. It is when we gladly lay down our glory that our husbands are lifted up. It is in the midst of all her work that her husband sits as an elder at the gate. Her wise use of time, talents, treasures, and her words is what glorifies him. 

As wives our role is primarily to build our husbands. Everything we do should be to lift him up and not to lift ourselves up above him. Don’t worry, you will never lose. Do you notice the final verse of Proverbs 31? It says, “Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.” (v31)

It is at those same gates where her husband is known that she receives the fruit of her hands and where her own works praise her. She never did it for that reason, but because of her hard work and support to her husband, the story ends in her favour. Girls, you can NEVER lose by building up your man – NEVER. If you don’t however and choose to build yourself and not him, both you and he will lose and so will your children.

These days it seems women are more ambitious and often more successful than men. It also seems that today 18-to-35-year-old men spend more time playing video games a day than 10-to-17-year-old boys. Many men seem to be refusing to grow up and take responsibility in life and more and more women are managing independent of men.
Personally, I think it is massively the women that have emasculated the men. We have fought for our rights, insisted we do the things men do which has caused us to be independent of men. Why on earth would a man bother then if he is not needed? I have a brilliant CV but now that I am married I choose to stay home and play house. It’s so much fun, I am active in raising my children and my man knows he is needed.

I use my professional skills to support my husband in his business and I have no desire to get ahead of him. In fact, in the past before we had our little ones, I turned down a job that paid much more than he because I knew it would harm our marriage one way or another.

How about you, are you building your man first or are you building yourself first?

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