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Pink Blush Giveaway

Bunches have very kindly offered this beautiful Pink Blush bouquet to one of our King's Daughters subscribers.  To enter make sure that you are subscribed by email to this blog and then simply leave your name in the comments section and then share this post with one of the share buttons below.  We will close the comments sometime next Tuesday and randomly select a winner.   If you don't win, you can still purchase your own beautiful Pink Blush bouquet here . Thank you Bunches for your continued support of King's Daughters and the King's Daughters Conference xxx

Flower care: fact or fiction?

There are many theories and old wives tales about the best ways to care for cut flowers, so I thought I would share some awesome info with you from Bunches .  Bunches provided us with the lovely chocolates that we had in our gift bags at the King's Daughters Conference recently, which was very kind of them.  All Bunches bouquets come complete with a flower care leaflet. For more flower care tips, visit their flower care page . 'Adding sugar or a copper coin to the vase water is the best way to keep your flowers fresh' – Fiction. It's best to use flower food as it contains the correct PH balance which prevents bacteria from growing. Liquid flower food is provided with every Bunches bouquet. 'Fresh flowers should be kept away from the fruit bowl' – Fact. Fruit produces ethylene gas which significantly speeds up the flower aging process. 'Putting Rose stems in boiling water for a minute before arranging helps them stay fresh' – Fact. Holding t

Money Matters

Are you tired of trying to get through each month, living only to make ends meet? Have you read all the books that promise ‘seven steps to financial freedom’ but lead you nowhere? Or are you someone who has plenty of money but can’t find any satisfaction in life? Money Matters has powerful, yet easy to understand principles that will radically revolutionise your view of money. Best of all you don’t need a huge bank balance as a starting point, no matter what your current financial situation, whether rich, poor or anywhere in between, these principles will challenge you to the core resulting in financial freedom and a life of contentment GUARANTEED. This set of three books has been written to help you deal with every angle of money matters. Money Matters is designed to help you understand the principles behind Godly money management. Money Matters Devotional is a thirty day reading program to assist you in 'changing' yo

Free to Say No

For years I asked myself why it was so hard to say no when my dad was molesting me. It is such a simple two letter word yet I could not form it in my mouth or shout it out at him. ‘No’ might have prevented the whole thing, ‘no’ may have scared him away, and ‘no’ might have saved me from carrying that awful memory all of my teenage and adult life. ‘No’ has so much power behind it yet no is the one word that has taken me years to learn to say.  The question plagued me all through my adult years as I found myself in all sorts of situations where ‘no’ was the best answer and I ended up saying yes or simply not saying anything at all. Why? What caused me to be so weak and frail? I knew that my inability to say no would cause me more pain and heartache. Fear. My conclusion is that I feared saying no. I feared not being liked. I feared not being good enough. I feared rejection. I feared what people would think of me. Fear left me powerless to say the one word that would save me

King's Daughters Conference 2011 CD & MP3

We had a fantastic day together at our recent King's Daughters Conference.  After many months of planning, we managed to pull off an awesome day!  The food was spectacluar, the music was magical, the message was life changing and the men were true gentlemen.  I had so much fun and I hope you did too!  I would love to hear what impacted you most. If you weren't able to join us then please make sure you book your ticket for 2012 and for your convenience we have made the messages available in MP3 and CD format below.  More news and gorgeous photos coming soon... Message Options 1 - Secure on the Rock by Angela De Souza £2.00 2 - A Future and a Hope by Jane Massam £2.00 3 - I Need Jesus Every Day by Jaylene Howell £2.00 4 - The Mirror by Anna Symonds £2.00 5 - Beauty with a Purpose by Angela De Souza £2.00 Full MP3 Set £10.00 Full CD Set £15.00


It's with extreme joy that I want to announce that our latest book, Being a Women , is available for you to buy.  We have had an incredible journey together at our weekly Girl's Nights and this book is the result.  Together we have explored what it means to be a Godly woman, we have recorded our conversations and opinions and presented them to you in a lovely book.  Also, as an added bonus, Lorah-Kelly had done some awesome photography and added it to our book so we have something pretty to look at too.  A very girly book but don't be fooled, the content is extremely challenging!  There were nights when tears were shed at how hard it can be and nights when much laughter was shared at the pure joy of the journey. Be prepared for an emotional roller coaster ride as you read Being a Woman which is available here in the UK , also in the USA and coming soon to Australia .

Being a Woman - Who is Beautiful

In the end, all that we truly want is to be found beautiful! This is the one question we are all asking, “Am I beautiful?” We ask it from our father when we are little and we ask it from our boyfriend or husband later on in life. When we are out with our girl friends we need to know that we look beautiful and when we go to work we are asking the same question too. It’s OK to ask this question, God made us that way. The problem today though is that this question leads to another question, which is, “How can I be more beautiful?” This question leads us down all the wrong paths and gets us into all sorts of bad situations. When we don’t feel beautiful we feel incomplete and so we look for ways to fill that void. We try new clothes, we experiment with hair and make-up and some women even get their natural features altered or enhanced. All in the quest for beauty. Sadly some girls will do anything to feel beautiful and that includes doing things for men to gain their approval or

Conference Eve

It is the eve of the conference that I have been planning and carrying inside my spirit since January.  Yes, I truly have been pregnant with this conference and tomorrow is my due date!  Literally nine months.  So I thought it would be fun to share a little bit of my journey with you. January  First Trimester (1 to 12 weeks) It was unplanned! I had no intention of getting "pregnant" and I most certainly wasn't trying to - it just happened. I sat considering the year ahead and felt that this was the year to focus on building something for the women. Until this point I had never felt the time was right, but now, on this day, it felt right. So I opened my heart and wrote down a few ideas on my blog . I started off with a Girls Night ! It seemed like a fun idea and didn't look like too much work. The focus was very specifically to disciple and care for the girls in our church . It was not to be a time of outward focus and reaching out to the lost, this was very mu

Sin Smells Like Fart

A couple of Sunday's ago a preached an usual message and my opening sentence was 'sin smells like fart'!  I was so nervous to preach this message. It wasn't a pretty message. It wasn't planned.  I had a totally different message planned which I have since preached .  On this particular occasion, I felt that God wanted to say something to His church and so with ten minutes notice, before church started, I scribbled down some rough notes and preached a message called Sin Smells Like Fart.  I think it is titled Why Jesus? on our church podcast page to make it a little easier on the ear, but the message is the same.  Have a listen here .

Being a Woman - Who Knows Jesus

You might have heard about Jesus or read about him but do you know Him? In Genesis 4:1 it says that ‘ Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain ’. This level of Adam and Eve ‘knowing’ each other was so intimate that Eve conceived and had a child.  In the same way, we should know Jesus. When we know Jesus that intimately we too will bear life.  We will be fruitful, we will multiply on many levels in many ways, we will bring life into this world and we will have something to show for knowing him. Is this how you know Jesus or is He just a prophet or teacher that you have read about? Is He the lover of your soul, the first person you greet when you wake up in the morning and the last person you say goodnight to when you are about to fall asleep or is He just someone that you have heard about in Sunday School or on this blog?  Knowing Jesus is the most wonderful thing you will ever experience in this life. Truly knowing Him, deeply, personally an intimately is the

Fanny Adams

Meet Jane, one of our King's Daughters Conference speakers.  Jane has an incredible story which she will share at our conference, but she also has an incredible business which provides ethical fashion .  Jane creates unique clothing from second hand items which she then 'modifies' using vintage fabric trims and buttons.  She stared out by simply making customised clothing, bags and hats for herself.  Fr iends and even passers-by in the street, would stop her and ask where she had bought her gorgeous bags or clothes. Many enquiries and many orders later she started cardigan parties where she would show off and sell her latest designs. One thing led to another, which led to her making 300 hand trimmed cardigans for none other than Cath Kidston . Jane has since opened a fantastic shop in the gorgeous village of Blagdon where she sells the best organic, fair trade coffee in England along with her creative jacket and cardigan designs. Her shop also

Ethical Fashion III

Hi girls, The last couple of blogs have been all about ‘ ethical fashion ’ and I told you that this time would be about planning your wardrobe. This is really important if you want an ethical wardrobe. It means NOT buying on impulse, without any thought, poor quality clothes that quickly get chucked out. Rather this is buying where each piece is important, valued and looked after, (even mended rather than thrown away). Buying this way is buying less and better quality. (Many of the more expensive clothes for sale will not have been made for fair wages BUT you can be sure that really cheap ones guarantee unfair pay). This is buying thinking of the lifespan of the item and shopping with a plan and budget in mind. It’s a reason discovering your personal style is helpful so you can build up a wardrobe of things you actually like in a style you feel comfortable in. A few ideas on planning your wardrobe: Consider the way you spend your time and how much of your wardrobe is dedicat