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Being a Friend - Who is a Friend of Jesus

You are My friends if you do whatever I command you.  No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing; but I  have called you friends, for all things that I heard from My Father I have made known to you . - John 15:14-15 To be a good friend we need to have a good friend.  Having Jesus as our best friend, is the most amazing thing imaginable.  He is our example and experience of what being a friend really means.  Jesus’ friendship is based on mutuality and love and if He, the Son of God, is able to have that sort of friendship with us mere mortals, then we should be able to offer that sort of friendship to each other too.  There is nothing that Jesus has done that is not possible for us to do. In the verse above we see that there is a condition to Jesus friendship with us.   He says that if we want to be His friends we have to do as He says.  He then qualifies this by saying that he is not saying this as a master would to a servant but that

Being a Lover - Who Plans

Great sex very seldom just happens!  Maintenance sex happens regularly I am sure and occasionally great spontaneous sex might happen.  To enjoy regular and consistent great sex, planning is required.  Why not plan sex dates?  It's a great way to set aside an allocated time where you will focus on pleasing each other sexually.       Men seldom plan in this area, they are often instantly on just like a light switch - on and off - simple.  Women, however, are more like irons, they take time to warm up which is why a woman will benefit greatly from planning.  When planning a sex date, you will begin to release hormones that start getting you in the mood way before you even begin to get physically sexual. This means that when you do get down to the physical side of things you will be ready to explode!  There are several things that you can plan: Anticipation There is nothing quite like anticipation.  Anticipation is the action of expectation, an emotion involving pleasure, ex

Being a Woman in Business - Who Has a Purpose

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. - Ecclesiastes 3:1 Having a business can be draining or liberating and the difference often is found in the purpose.  Are you in business just to make money?  Money can’t satisfy, the more you have the more you want.  Yes it is good to make money and I would be puzzled if a woman were in business without the desire to make money.  However, money cannot satisfy so it can’t be the driving factor.  Are you in business because you want to freedom of having and managing your own time?  This is another great reason to work for yourself rather than an employer but again you will quickly discover that having a job is a lot less stressful that being self employed.  Too often the very reason you set out in business is the one thing you never attain – free time!  With a lot of discipline and clear boundaries it is possible to free up your time and is a worthwhile pursuit, but alas it doesn’t fully satisfy.      You

Being a Mother - Who is Involved

Modern technology has its advantages but also comes with many disadvantages too and if we are not careful can fall into the trap of these disadvantages.  Family time with a mobile phone or computer present can lead us to believe that we are investing in our families when in fact we are not. Being available to our children is essential but in addition to merely being available we also need to be fully involved.  It is so important to set aside time regularly where you can be fully involved with your children.  Have you considered leaving your phone at home when taking them to the park?  How about having time in the living room without any TV, computer, phone or anything else on?  Observe your family time and honestly consider whether or not you are present and involved or are you merely in the same room together.        Being involved means that when you spend time together that you are interacting, discussing, thinking, and processing life together.  It means that you are interested