Confessions of a Shopaholic

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie as I was very reluctant to watch it at first. It didn't seem like my sort of movie but since there weren't many options on this particular evening I decided to give it a try. This movie delivered a strong message on the trap of credit cards and dealt with shopping addiction in a very humorous way. I always enjoy clean movies and this movie came very close to a family friendly seal by Dove, only one small scene caused it to miss out!

In a nutshell:
"Rebecca Bloomwood is a sweet and charming New York City girl who has a tiny, little problem that is rapidly turning into a big problem: she's hopelessly addicted to shopping and is drowning in a sea of debt. While Rebecca has dreams of working for a top fashion magazine, she can't quite get her foot in the door-that is, until she snags a job as an advice columnist for a new financial magazine published by the same company. Overnight, her column becomes hugely popular, turning her into an overnight celebrity. But when her compulsive shopping and growing debt issues threaten to destroy her love life and derail her career, she struggles to keep it all from spiraling out of control..and is ultimately forced to reevaluate what's really important in life."

In our home we don't watch TV which is why I really enjoy the occasional movie! Perhaps you can share your views on how TV affects your life, I would love to hear all your pro's and con's. 



The Baking of the Cake!

Luxury Chocolate Cake

I am so excited about Eric's birthday this Sunday and all I can think about is cake so I thought I would share our favourite recipe with you.

200g dark chocolate
200g butter
1T instant coffee
85g self-raising flour
85g plain flour
1/4t bicarbonate of soda
200g light Muscovado sugar
200g golden castor sugar
25g cocoa powder
3 eggs
75ml milk (or buttermilk)

Break chocolate and melt into butter
Mix coffee in 125ml cold water and pour into pan
Warm over low heat until melted
Mix both flours, bicarbonate of soda and sugar into big bowl
Beat eggs in separate bowl and stir in buttermilk
Mix everything together
Bake at 160 for 1 1/2 hours, leave to cool in tin

200g chocolate
284ml double cream
2T golden castor sugar

Melt chocolate and mix everything together

Add your favourite recipe here too if you like or see some of our other favourites! We have even published a little recipe book called Family Favourites which is available on Amazon.



Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Insecurity makes us hold others back and limit their potential just so that we can feel better about ourselves. Insecurity makes us jealous of what others have. Insecurity makes us say horrible things about others so that we feel better about ourself. Insecurity makes us competitive and keeps us comparing ourselves with others Insecurity sounds like really hard work don't you think? That amount of struggling and striving will definitely lead to a frustrated, unsatisfied life! If you struggle with insecurity why not tackle it now so you can be free?

We can't walk around being insecure women, our identity needs to be placed firmly in our creator because we are made in His image. We are a reflection of Him. If you notice some of the above characteristics in you, why not ask the Holy Spirit to help you change them from today? No matter how much you might want to be someone else, you simply can't be. God has created you the way you are. He has given you unique gifts, talents and abilities. God likes who He made you to be!!! Has that thought ever crossed your mind? God likes YOU! He loves you and is crazy about you just the way you are because He made you that way. God does not make mistakes. Or as a cute cartoon I once read said; "God don't make no junk!"

So why not give up! Stop striving to be someone you are not. Rest in who you really are. If you are not sure who you really are because you have spent too many years trying to be someone else, find out by asking God to show you the truth of who He make you to be.

Do you remember that scene in Runaway Bride where Julia Roberts tries all the different types of eggs? She was always trying to be who she thought men wanted her to be so she said to each boyfriend that she like eggs cooked the same way they did. At the end of the movie she sat down with eggs cooked in all different ways and tasted them all so she could decide for herself how she like her eggs. This is a simple example but it gets the point across.

Perhaps you need to sit down and  figure out who you really are. I did that a few years ago. I started keeping a journal and every time I notice something that I particularly like or disliked I wrote it down. In this journal I also had a list of Bible verses that told me the truth about who I am in God's eyes. Over time I managed to get rid of the false self that I had created to please people and settled into being me, just me - the fearfully and wonderfully made me (Psalm 139:13-15). If you have some tips on how you have tackled insecurity or perhaps you just want to share about a struggle that you are in then please leave a message in the comment box below. I am sure other women would like to hear your story to be encouraged or to offer you some encouragement.

The photo above is of my beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made baby girl, Amy. Isn't she gorgeous!



August Rush

It's been very cold and rainy this week so I thought it would be good to recommend a movie to you! August Rush has become one of our family favourites. It is rich with unusual music and takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Best of all it was on special at Sainsbury's this week for £2.99 so now we own it - yay :)

In a nutshell from Dove "August Rush tells the story of a charismatic young Irish guitarist (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and a sheltered young cellist (Keri Russell) who have a chance encounter one magical night above New York's Washington Square, but are soon torn apart, leaving in their wake an infant, August Rush, orphaned by circumstance. Now performing on the streets of New York and cared for by a mysterious stranger (Robin Williams), August (Freddie Highmore) uses his remarkable musical talent to seek the parents from whom he was separated at birth. "

It would be great to hear about movies that you like or dislike, leave your thoughts in the comment box below as we all have different taste. See other book and movie reviews here. Time to snuggle under a nice duvet now with a hot drink and watch a movie - enjoy.



Incorruptible Beauty

Do not let your adornment be merely outward, arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel, rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God.
- 1 Peter 3:3-4

These beautiful women in the photo are my mother, Rosalind, and grandmother, Letty! I want to honour them today as woman who have lived a big part of their life already and can teach younger women about what really matters!

Incorruptible speaks of integrity and not being subject to physical decay! Now I don't know about you but not being subject to physical decay sounds really good to me, do you think God was trying to tell us something here? That if we spend more time tending to the hidden person of the heart we are actually also taking care of our external beauty and how we age? Perhaps we were being given a beauty tip that goes far beyond "arranging the hair or putting on fine apparel". It seems to me that we can actually prevent our bodies from looking old by working from the inside out.

Not only does the Bible tell us that we can have incorruptible beauty but it also tells us how... with a quiet and gentle spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God. I must say, many times I have walked past women in the street shouting at their little child and I have thought how ugly that is and asked God to please help me remember what I noticed about that situation, so that I am more careful in the way I respond to my children. It is one thing to discipline a child and another thing to make yourself look ugly while shouting at your child, if you know what I mean... Believe me I have looked very ugly in my 17 years of being a mommy, and I don't like to think about those times when I have totally blown it and got it wrong. In my heart I really want to be a good mommy and I really want to have the incorruptible beauty that pleases my God. I do get it wrong and when I do I usually end up in tears because I know how ugly I must look to God and hate displeasing Him. Then on top of that I realise that my husband finds me unattractive in those moments and my children lose respect for me too. Oh my goodness what pressure. I try remind myself that the incident is not who I am it was just a bad moment (sometimes a really bad moment) then I lift up my chin and decide to give the gentle and quiet spirit thing another go.

Let us determine to age well by having the incorruptible beauty of a quiet and gentle spirit that pleases our Father in Heaven. Just one little tip, before you frustrate yourself trying... you probably won't be able to get it right in your own strength, ask the Holy Spirit to help you!




Jordan makes me a very proud mommy, she is only 14 years old but once you have met her you would never believe it. She is lively, bubbly and loud but also a very caring friend when you need one! There is never a dull moment when Jordan is in the room, you are sure to have a good laugh. She leaves you feeling great about life. Jordan is very wise and extremely talented with words. Not only can she write the most beautiful poems and stories but she can also manage any form of public speaking with total confidence perfect diction. Watch this space, Jordan is doing amazing things in this world and is a beautiful ambassador for Jesus! She doesn't hold back and use her age as an excuse, she just accepts each challenge as it comes her way and gets on with it.

Did I mention how proud I am of her... You are doing a great job with your life baby girl, keep shinning so brightly for Jesus. I love you xx


Be A Change Agent ... Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway... Who Cares What People Think!

Today I have some random thoughts to share with you. They are a combination of Eric's message yesterday, Holly Wagner's God Chicks* and a recent message from The Vine**.

Yesterday's message was really powerful, we have to realise that we are 21st century women for a purpose! I love technology and all the things we can do these days and all the people we can keep in touch with - it's really fun to be able to do so much! But we have to remember that we were born in this time to be a CHANGE AGENT . I am not here only to enjoy all the benefits of being alive in 2009 but also to actively use all these tools to make a difference. Too often I hear excuses from people for doing nothing! Two of these excuses are fear and people's opinions.

"Feel the fear and do it anyway! It's not that the warrior princess is unafraid...it's just that she keeps on going. Every person who ever did anything amazing started out just a bit afraid, it is always a risk to try something new. By letting fear contain me, it not only limits me - but it could very well hurt others. We need to take the focus off ourselves and be the warriors for a world that so desperately needs to see courage in action." *

"Until you quit agreeing with those who've mistreated you, or bowing to the events that crippled you emotionally, you'll remain locked in a prison of your own making. When your critic's opinion becomes your opinion, you've built a prison inside your soul with only one prisoner; you. Are you prepared to accept that some of the people you've spent your life trying to impress, may never be impressed and can you accept that from God's perspective; it doesn't matter? To succeed in life you must be able to work alongside people without allowing yourself to be controlled by their moods or governed by their opinions." **

So come on girls, let us be a change agent ... feel the fear and do it anyway... who cares what people think! Get started, leave a comment about what you are going to do, it will be great to share ideas and see what we are all doing to make a difference in our world. 



17 Again

I have had a real interesting movie experience recently so decided to share my thoughts with you...


A fantastic movie which I really enjoyed! It's got all the ingredients of a great movie and leaves you with a nice warm fuzzy feeling - which I quite like when leaving the cinema hehe. Definitely something I would buy on DVD and watch again. Eric was a bit reluctant to see it as he thought it was another Freaky Friday sort of movie and said that's been overdone now. But after seeing the movie he did agree with me that it was really good and not another "Freaky Friday" movie. The story in a nutshell, "A former high school basketball star gets a second shot at life when he's miraculously transformed into a teenager and offered the opportunity to redefine his future."


Oh my goodness where do I start... mmm... terrible, horrible, bad, please don't go and see this! I am not exaggerating, it was so bad that I walked out of the cinema after 20 minutes. (Yes you can do that, just because you paid for the ticket doesn't mean you're obliged to ingest filth). The story is about a man who is about to get married and needed to find a best man which resulted in a series of "man dates". Sadly even if there was some sort of story line there it is just too loaded with sexual comments and innuendos, and peppered with strong language. I am usually sensitive to this sort of stuff anyway and prefer not to watch movies like this, but this one was way over the top and not even funny!

After this traumatic experience Eric and I chatted about how useful it would be to read movie reviews from a Christian perspective as we do tend to view what's acceptable differently from the world. In the past we used a movie review website called Rotten Tomatoes. Sadly we found that the movies we considered really good had really low ratings and the movies we thought were horrible had high ratings.

Thankfully we came across a brilliant move review website which reviews movies in great detail! Check out The Dove Foundation. If only we read this review before going to the cinema to see I love you, Man! Oh well, at least we can warm you about it. Have a great weekend and take care what movies you watch - remember rubbish in - rubbish out. Leave a comment about these movies or any other movie that you have seen lately.

What movies have you loved or loathed lately, I would like to share some more reviews.