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Conference Feedack II

We are still processing the conference video's and producing a stunning DVD of the three powerful testmonies.  Keep an eye out on our YouTube page for more conference highlights next week and don't forget to buy your King's Daughters T-shirt.   In the meantime please have a listen to my message, You are More with Jesus , on video below or mp3 here .  I hope it greatly encourages you.  Also, watch the King's Daughters Conference website unfold with the exciting 2013 plans.  If you have a testimony of how King's Daughters has impacted your life please let us know , we would love to write about or video your story to share at next year's event.

October Women in Business

King's Daughters Women in Business is launching our very first Women in Business Network event this month. This event is designed to inspire you in the area of business, to equip you for success and to offer you an opportunity to tell others about what you do. It doesn't matter what area of business you are in, Women in Business will offer inspiring professional tools and connection opportunities to build a healthy and prosperous professional life. For full benefits of Women in Business join the network today . Meeting Info: First Wednesday of every month, 12-2 at The Little Owl, GL53 8EB Pre-booking essential - Member £20 , Non-Member £30 Including tea, coffee, pastries, crudités & fruit. For more info get in touch or join the group October Subject:   Creating an ABCD Database – the instant growth strategy that works! by Angela De Souza October Offer:  Introduce a friend and get £10 refund on your ticket.  Introduce two friends and your ticke

Conference Feedback

We had a beautiful day together on 8th September, thank you so much to you all for your incredible support and prayers. Feedback and testimonies have already started flooding in, have a read of some of them here . Also, keep an eye on our YouTube page as we update it with the speakers messages and conference highlight videos. We had the stunning Instruments of Praise gospel choir lead us in worship and it was truly heavenly. We also had Daughters of Davis who absolutely blew us away with their fantastic acoustic folk/soul vibe. Our Women in Business section was a real treat with stalls offering all sorts of beautifully displayed goods. Jill Chitty from the Entrepreneurs Circle spoke to the women in business offering practical tips for business growth. Other breakout sessions included a Hope for Justice talk by Naomi and Cynthia shared her testimony of life as a Samburu woman . Molly Catherine Beebee from Cirencester Creative Dance Academy dazzled us with

Being a Friend - Who Offers Godly Advice

It’s not easy knowing when to speak into another person’s life and when to hold your tongue.  Some people speak into other’s lives all the time but their words bear no fruit and other people seldom say anything and miss opportunities to sow valuable seeds into another person’s life.  A great friend is one who knows the value of giving Godly advice and will do so whenever necessary.  There is also a great deal of value in knowing when to say nothing and just offer loving acceptance.  So how can we become a friend that offers Godly advice?  There are two simple steps 1) get to know God and 2) get to know your friend.  It is that simple. Let me give you an example of a man who received unwise advice from his friends, advice which ultimately led to his death.  His name was Haman and he was a 5th Century B.C. noble and high-ranking political advisor of the Persian Empire under King Ahasuerus.  He found himself in a difficult situation, nevertheless Haman restrained himself and went h

The Five Stages of Business

ESTABLISHMENT Your business is being created.  Everything seems fun and new at this stage but in most cases money is tight.   This is a time to be creative in getting known and a time to find your feet in what you do.  Usually this stage is when the owner does everything all the time.   Sadly, many businesses close when the start up money runs out, so the key is to keep overheads and expenses to a minimum.  Spending money on sales campaigns and business listings is unwise as they seldom produce the desired results.  Establishment Problems:   Cash flow, marketing and gaining new clients. Establishment Keys:   Keep overheads and expenses to a minimum Establishment Tips: Only use free business directories Use all free online listing options Pitch either with a cheaper version or premium version Network with other businesses Create strong relationships with existing clients Start with a free website, blog and hosting Open a separate bank account for your business

Daughters of Davis, Tricia Bailey, D7 Band, Ballet

The King's Daughters Conference is extremely excited about welcoming UK's loveliest girl duo to our stage, Daughters of Davis . The band consists of the two sisters, Adrienne and Fern Davis, who write music with an acoustic folk/soul vibe. Adrienne plays acoustic guitar with vocals that are "gritty and soulful" and Fern incorporates percussion and provides a vocal performance reminiscent of 60's soul, but with a clear and powerful, new folk twist. Get your ticket here and if you can't make it during the day why not join us for an evening celebration with Daughters of Davis, Tricia Bailey who will be unveiling her debut single, Your Love and Grace and D7 Band followed by an awesome message.  The evening ticket is £10 with entrance from 5pm - get your ticket here . And if that wasn't enough to wow you - we also have the lovely Molly Catherine Beebee from Cirencester Creative Dance Academy   doing a beautiful classical ballet for us.   In the mea

Nature's Way - Masks

There are so many weird and wonderful things that you can use to make a facial mask.  My daughters and I have had loads of fun with natural masks and also had great results.  Many chemical masks have frighteningly high risks so soaking your face with them is not a good idea.  Most masks contain dangerous substances and block your pores.  It is important to allow your skin to breathe and adding too many products can have an adverse effect.  Less is more when it comes to your skin so find a beauty regime that allows your skin to find a natural balance.  Most of the time what you put into your body has more effect that what you put onto your skin.  Eating healthy, exercising, sleeping well and drinking lots of water are the most important ingredients for the best looking skin.   After that comes a simple cleanse, tone and moisturise routine with natural ingredients.  If necessary, use a Nature’s Way mask from time to time.  The following table shows the health concerns based on c

King's Daughters Conference 2012

I can't believe a year has gone by and it's that time again.  It feels like just yesterday that I was writing about how the King's Daughters Conference was conceived and here I am again counting down the final 5 days to our second event.  The 2012 conference is so much bigger and so much better than last year's one .  I am bursting with excitement about all that we have planned and can't wait to be writing another blog post to you soon with feedback and photos.  I highly recommend that you subscribe to our new YouTube channel so you can be the first to see all the media after the conference.  There is not much for me to say right now as I am way too nervous and excited.  If you haven't already got your ticket please do so at and if you live too far away to join us don't worry as next year's event is international, we will come to you via your computer screen .  Exciting times ahead!