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Making Memories

Every year, at the end of the year, I like to make a photo album of all the highlights of that year. I sat down a while ago to catch up on this and realised that I haven't done one for two years. It seems that since we planted the Church , life got very hectic and simple things like taking photos & making memories took a back seat! Why am I sharing this with you? Because it is important, probably the most important post on my Blog yet. More often than not, great memories are intentionally made, they don't just happen. You have to take time out of your busy schedule and focus on making a memory. Even the simplest of things can be memorable if you take the time to soak them up. One of my fondest simple memories is of Daniel & Amy dancing . It was a very special moment that I could have missed if I didn't take the time to light a fire, put on some music and just sit down with them in the living room. Another moment was when Eric & I decided to take lunch breaks t

Spreading the News

Matthew 9:31 But when they had departed, they spread the news about Him in all that country. I have had the awesome privilege of writing press releases for our Church. What a great way to spread the news about Jesus - through the local newspapers ! If you click on the image above it will enlarge enough for you to read it. This is my first of many press releases that I will be doing. It's very exciting. So how do you feel about this approach to spreading the news about Jesus, do you think it's acceptable to use the press?

King's Square

After much anticipation the digital version of our album has now officially been released! Have a listen below. Let me know which of these songs you like the most and when the album comes out on 1st August I will randomly draw one of the names from the comments box for a CD giveaway. This Great Life Your Love I Know Young & Unashamed Smile God of the Universe Darkness to Light With You Close to You Psalm 20

Darkness to Light

You are going to have a good laugh when I tell you about this song! It's not the sort of inspiration you would expect for a worship song. Eric & I had an argument, I have no idea what about, probably nothing important. I was left feeling so frustrated and didn't want to do or say something stupid so kept it all inside. Feelings of disappointment lured over me and I knew I had to have some sort of release or I was going to explode. I picked up my note book and began scribbling a song, and then another and then yet another. All in all I wrote six complete songs that night and then fell soundly asleep! Of course I never expected to use the songs for anything, I just knew in my heart that I needed to do something positive rather than destructive with the way I felt. Most of all I was disappointed in myself for not being the lovely wife that I really wanted to be and knew that the only way I was going to be free from my selfish nature was with Jesus help. When I showed

Close to You

There is no long story behind this song, I wrote it out of a simple, yet desperate desire to be closer to God. It's quite a long song so I took a clip out of the middle for you to listen to. In this song I am singing along with Lorah doing the most beautiful harmonies. Enjoy. If your Church would like to use our songs they are all registered with CCLI or you can buy the CD & songbook direct from me, let me know your email address is the comment box below and I will give you more info. Have a great weekend. xxx

God of the Universe

As you can probably tell from previous blog posts, we are releasing a CD soon! It has been a very exciting journey which leaves me with one thing on my mind to blog about at the moment! All of us in D7 Band have contributed to the album so I thought I would share the story behind some of the songs. God of the Universe was written in 2005 and was inspired by a massive tree that stood in front of our home, which you can see part of in the clip above. I looked up at this tree and thought how huge it was and then by comparison how big God must be. This left me with a great sense of awe at the sheer size of God & the universe that He created. I imagined myself as a little person standing at His feet looking up at Him, just as I had stood at the bottom of this tree and looked up at it. In the midst of this awe I saw myself as a cheeky little girl standing at His feet saying in total confidence of His love for me; "Here I Am"! It was as if I knew how big God was but I al

Monday & Tuesday... Joy, Alarm Clocks & Babies

My morning coffee had barely been absorbed when it all started! One band member had over slept and wasn't going to get to the studio on time. Stress started mounting and quick thinking was required to get things on track. Contact the other band member and change plans, get Daniel & Amy ready earlier than planned and rush out the door to the baby sitter. Check. OK we can do this. Stress mounting, baby food flying, not quite the same excitement as yesterdays recording day. More bad news, the baby sitter wasn't answering the door, now what? There is no way we can record a CD with two little people running around. Time is ticking, stress is mounting and plans are falling apart. There is no excitement at all about today, what a enormous change from yesterday. It's as if Monday was the high and Tuesday we all came crashing down to a low. Well that's how Tuesday of last week started. Tomorrow we are back at the studio so I thought I would wrap up my tales from l

Monday & Tuesday... Confidence Crisis

Huddled in the corner of the studio, I was sitting holding back the tears whilst telling myself to stop these silly thoughts. I knew I was being pathetic and there was no way I was going to cry about it! So I sat there, giving myself a telling off all the while trying to look like I was alright. The band looks on from the other room, oblivious to my inner turmoil. It's hard for me to hide my feelings, my face always gives my feelings away, so I thought I'd better put some distance between me and them so that they can't see my struggle. The band have been awesome, incredibly supportive and regularly offering lovely comments about how well I was doing. Their kindness was consistent all through Monday and Tuesday, but this was crunch time, the final vocal recording time. The pressure was now on! All through Monday and Tuesday I have been on this roller coaster ride. One minute I hear the play back of a song and am really encouraged thinking that I don't sound too bad