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Marriage Tip #9 - Humble Yourself

Sometimes we are just too proud & selfish. We think it's all about us & all about our needs & the fact that every single one of our needs are not being met. If you find yourself going there just humble yourself before God & before your husband. Say sorry for being selfish & ask what you can do to make things better. This will work every time & win you loads of points with God & with your spouse ha ha. No one can resist a humble person. Remember you are no longer your own, you belong to God as you were bought with the precious blood of Jesus & when you got married you became one with your spouse. You are not your own anymore, you are a part of something much bigger. From time to time I get into selfish mode & make things all about me. The first thing I do to humble myself is to remember that Eric & I are working on having a great marriage - it's about our marriage not about myself.

Bicarb, Vinegar & Olive Oil

Anyone who knows me knows that I am passionate about healthy living! I don't always get it right, I do eat McDonald's sometimes and drink coke way too often. Never-the-less I do work at healthy living and one day will stop drinking coke... In the meantime here are some things that I like to use at home: Teeth Whitening - I use bicarbonate of soda on my toothbrush after regular brushing to whiten my coffee stained teeth! It really works & is way less expensive than whitening products. Household Cleaner - Much to my children's disapproval I use white vinegar for cleaning most things in the kitchen. I shine stainless steal, clean my windows and wipe down my surfaces with vinegar. It kills mould & bacteria and gives everything a nice shine & again costs very little. I actually came across a website that gives 1001 uses for white vinegar - check it out Hair Treatment - In the Bible it says that you should anoint your head with oil so base

Prayer Needs

From time to time we all need a little extra prayer support! I don't know about you but I value all the prayer I can get especially in the rough times. The gorgeous baby boy in the photo above, Rowan, has been told that he has an unusually large hole in his heart. Please would you stand with me in prayer and believe that when he goes for his next check up it will be completely closed. Also please pray for his parents, Barry & Jana, for peace during the weeks that lead up to this confirmation of his miraculous healing! Do you believe in healing? I do and can't wait to report back to you that God has healed this precious little one. Do you have something that you would like us to prayer for? Why not share your need so we can all stand together in prayer for each other and see God's miracles in our lives. Leave your prayer request in the comment box below and I promise to pray for each and every one.

Happy Birthday Jordan

Today is my special baby girls 15th birthday! It strange saying 15 as she has seemed 13 since she was 9 and we spent all of 14 teasing her that she is 12 so 15 is quite a big deal for all of us - we finally have to accept that she really is growing up. I am so proud of you Jordan, despite all the tough things that life has thrown at you already, you have grown into a very sensitive, caring and lovely young woman. I am really impressed with your gift for writing and for the awesome songs you produce and I hope that you will continue to writing. Have a very happy birthday baby, I am excited to see all that your future holds for you. xxx

Depression Solution - Make Hope

This is a very simple suggestion but works wonders. In my own life and in other people's life I have observed that depressed people often have nothing to look forward to. I often get down when all I can see ahead of me is the mundane day to day routine of my life. Even though I love my life I can still get depressed by the routine of it. Waking up in the morning to face a dirty nappy and a mountain of dishes. Breakfast, lunch, supper - as usual! People needing urgent assistance with something or other yet again. It's not that I don't care it's just that sometimes my heart does grow cold. The way I keep fresh and avoid getting really depressed is I make hope :) I put something in my near future that I will love doing. Usually it's a holiday or weekend away or even just a few hours for myself. Perhaps it's a visit with a friend I haven't seen in ages or perhaps even just a day out with my girls. This really helps keep my life more interesting. I know

What do you say to that?

What do you say when one of your congregation tell you that they are so excited about giving their very first tithe this coming Sunday? It's so absolutely precious to see someone understand tithing and having such joy to give. What do you say when that same person who is excited about giving their tithe is actually giving because they recently accepted Jesus and totally get what the tithe is all about? Many old Christians sit in church and make excuses not to tithe but this brand new Christian gets it and totally wants in! What do you say when that same person who is excited about giving their tithe & totally gets it is sitting in a hospital bed but totally glowing with Jesus. You see this person came to church a few months ago because we were offering free sandwiches. Why did he need a free sandwich? Because he was living on the street - he was homeless. Why was he homeless? Because he was a heroine addict! What can you possibly say to someone who only a few weeks earli

Marriage Tip #8 - Have Fun

Don't forget to have fun!!! This is why you got married in the first place wasn't it? Didn't you enjoy your time together? Making time for dates is essential. Eric & I have our date night every Wednesday & it is the highlight of our week. Also we have our family day every Saturday so we can have fun with the children. These two dates really make our life special & FUN! We also love to play games either just the two of us or as a family. Playing is so important & if we neglect this we tend to just focus on work which can make us boring :( Our motto is to work hard & play hard! Perhaps do what you first did when you were dating. I say perhaps because you may not have been a Christian when you first dated & I would not recommend you go back to ungodly things ha ha. Spice things up - no one likes Mr or Mrs boring :) What do you like to do for fun together?

Depression Solution - First Things First

I have several first things and if they get neglected it does affect the balance in my life which. If this unbalance continues for a long period of time I can get depressed. It may sound really simple but I have learned that I need this sense of balance in my life practically to keep a sense of internal balance too. For me first things are my relationship with God, the state of my home & time with my family. If I neglect any of these things I loose the balance in my life. My time with God is essential. It is not a religious act of reading my Bible and praying in order to keep my conscience clear - it's definitely nothing like that at all. It's like eating breakfast - if I don't eat breakfast in the morning my body gets annoyed with me. In the same way if I don't have a nice cuddle & chat with Jesus in the morning my Spirit & soul gets annoyed with me. Sometimes I have a time of prayer, most times I read the Bible and sometimes I just sit. I say good

Depression Solution - Have a Check Up

Picking up from where I left off on the last Depression Solutions post... I was at the gynaecologists office joking around about how I have never had a check up in my life. To cut a long story short - that day he discovered that I had a very large cyst in my womb! It was as about 14cm by 15cm and then still about another 12cm deep. I did look a bit pregnant and there were moments when the thought had crossed my mind that maybe I was. The reason I said in my last post that it was a miracle is because the ONLY reason I went for this check up at all was because I was being obedient to what I felt God was telling me to do to lead a depression free life. I had no symptoms that caused me to go for a check-up, I was simply following the process that I believe God was guiding me in. It's possible that I would not be alive today if I had not had that check up as I was scheduled for immediate surgery when the cyst was discovered. The journey after that was one miracle after another.

Help! I Am Being Used

Why is it in church we tolerate leaven (Galatians 5:9) & reject the lost? The Why is it we despise those who use us & resent those who curse us? Why is it that we love the sweet lovely people in church or even the false teachers who look so "nice" & turn our noses up at the people who swear or act rough! Come on people enough is enough either we are Christians or not? What does the Bible say? Here is an example - for the sake of privacy we will call this lady Sarah. Sarah comes to church and takes whatever she can from the coffee table & slips it into her handbag. She takes everything from sweets & cakes to tea bags. As soon as the service starts she leaves. I am not 100% sure but it is possible that she even sells the sandwiches she gets from us to homeless people. She comes to our coffee mornings & we buy her coffee every week. She turns up every Sunday and every Thursday without fail & uses us! So what should we do? Complain &

Balancing Life

Why is it so very hard to find the balance in life? I have been working at this since June last year when I started my Less is More series & I still can't say that I lead a balanced life. I have achieved balance with FaceBook which has been amazing - I have taken back a huge portion of my life by doing that. I have sorted out my priorities which is a great guide when making decisions. "No" has become an easy word for me to say where before I found it almost impossible for me to say no to people. I am enjoying my life & am pursuing my dreams yet I still feel that my life is unbalanced. There are days when I find I am not spending enough time with my children, days when I don't take care of Eric's needs & days when I just plain don't take care of myself! These are my top priorities which I have worked so hard to keep on top but yet I can't achieve the balance I desire. Any suggestions... do I need to cut out the things I love doing like my r