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All or Nothing

On Sunday I shared my heart with our church .  We had some technical difficulties, so had to switch cameras half, way but the audio is in tact.  My frustration is the state of the church in England and the amount of lost people that we are not reaching for Jesus.  I don't like preaching motivational talks to the church, I like to hit the nail on it's head with truth so I hope that as you watch this message that you will hear the truth and that the truth will set you free.  Let's get serious about what we believe in.  Let's show the lost and dying world that there is hope.  Let's be true followers of Jesus.  Watch more King's Daughters messages on our YouTube channel or listen to previous messages .

Being a Woman in Ministry

Being a Women in Ministry is a part of the Being series where we look at the honest and practical truth about being a women in a senior Christian leadership position. It is a book for women in ministry written by women in ministry.   If you are a women in ministry and would like to meet up, find out more about our monthly meetings here . Featured Guests include Cathy Clarke of Hillsong and Ali Bates of C3 Church . Contents Invitation    The Five Stages of Ministry   Being a Woman in Ministry    With Children       Who Leads Men      Who Rests      Who has Friends      Who Says No      Who has Fun      Who is Focused      Who Loves People      Who Loves Jesus      Who Endures      Who Inspires Others      Who Understands the Seasons      Who Keeps the Balance      Who is Confident      Who Handles Hurt      Who is Single  

Being a Friend - Who Doesn't Flatter

Flattery is to be regarded with suspicion.  It is insincere.  A common definition of flattery is - excessive and insincere praise, especially that given to further one's own interests.  It can also mean to please or gratify the vanity of. Other words that describe flattery are sweet talk or smooth talk.      The bible speaks of flattery too in Proverbs 29:5 where is says, “A man who flatters his neighbour spreads a net for his feet.”  What this means is that flattery will put us off our guard and we can easily be trapped in the net.  A flatterer is not trying to please you, but to deceive you for his profit.  Be careful of flatterers and be careful that you do not flatter your friends.  At times we might do it without realising it but that would only reveal either our insecurity around that person or our selfish motivation.  Watch yourself and be careful not to fall into the horrible habit if flattering your friends.     Proverbs 26:28 says, “A lying tongue hates those who are

Snow Day

We had a really fun day today playing in the snow so I thought I would share it with you. Have a wonderful weekend. xxx Lorah (who is usually behind the camera ), Angela, Daniel, Amy and Eric Us again trying to look cute! The gorgeous Samuel (my almost son-in-law, 8 weeks to go, eek) and Lorah Sam and Lorah looking as cute as ever Amy, Daniel and Snowy Dancing with Snowy

UK Ministry Members

Ministry Members agree with the King's Daughters Statement of Faith

Being a Lover - Heterosexual and Married

Being a Lover is based on two assumptions.  You might try to apply the principles in Being a Lover outside of these assumptions and you may even have some fun but for full sexual satisfaction and purity, you will need to understand the basics.   Firstly, sex is for heterosexuals only.  You are created with either an ‘innie’ or and ‘outie’.  One is designed to fit into the other.  Two ‘innies’ or  two ‘outies’ are not meant to fit into each other – you can try but you were not designed to enjoy sex by perverting God’s design.  Just think of an electrical plug, when you connect a male plug to a female socket you get electricity.  Try to connect two male plugs to each other you get nothing!  Try and stick things other than a plug into a female socket and you will get an electrical shock.  Just accept things the way they are.  God designed certain things in a certain way and when things are used in the way they were designed they will always work best. Sex is made for one man an

Church Chuckles

Delegates attending a church conference in Scotland set off between sessions to explore the countryside. Presently they came to a stream spanned by a rickety bridge and started to cross, ignoring the warning to keep off. A local inhabitant ran after them in protest. Misunderstanding his concern, one of the visitors called out “its alright we are Anglicans from the conference.” “I’m no’ caring about that” was the reply, “but if ye dinna get off the bridge, ye’ll all be Baptists.” Notice outside a North London Church Wanted - Workers for God. Plenty of overtime. Seen outside a Birmingham Church on November 18th Come this Sunday and avoid the Christmas rush. A former Chorister was asked why she gave up singing in the choir. “I was absent one Sunday,” she replied, “and somebody asked if the organ had been mended.” Seen on a wayside pulpit: Money will buy a bed, but not sleep; Food but not an appetite; Finery but not beauty; A house, but not a home; Luxuries but not cult

Being a Woman in Business - Who is Relational

Women have a wonderful advantage in business and that is their natural motivation to nurture relationships.  You might not be the best at what you do even though you try, you may not be the cheapest on the market or offer the most perks, but if you have a good relationship with your client you will keep them loyal to your business and oblivious to the competition. Deborah Tannen's 1990 best-seller, You Just Don't Understand: Women and Men in Conversation , explores the different conversational styles of women and men at length. Based on her research, Tannen concludes that boys' and girls' early social lives are so different that they grow up in what are essentially different cultures.  Thus, talk between women and men, is in fact cross-cultural communication, fraught with as many potential misunderstandings as communication between individuals from different countries, ethnic backgrounds, languages, or religious groups.     As a matter of basic world view, Tannen

Being a Lover - Invitation

In 2012 I wrote a short piece on my blog about sex which attracted so much interested that I included it in my book, Being a Wife . Since then I have had questions and comments come in from all over the world about this subject as it seems to be a bit of a taboo subject in Christian circles. In fact, when Christians do seem to talk and write about it, the content is often disappointing. One such article written by a well known Christian author and speaker contained ten suggestions to spice up her love life. She suggested things like cute notes in his lunch box and leaving sweet messages on his pillow along with other such sweet sentiments. Of course that is really sweet but what men and woman want to know about is SEX.      I can assure you that men might appreciate sweet notes if it is followed by wild sex but sweet notes on their own will do little for your marriage. Sex is marriage. Sex is what makes you married and sex is what keeps you married. I have never heard of a

Shine Brightly in 2013

Happy New Year! This year let us love deeply and shine brightly, so that the world will know Jesus.