2011 Highlights

After having a very long season of rest I am more than ready to get stuck into 2012.  2011 was wonderful, stressful and tiring.  Lessons were learnt, personal character was challenged and I found myself stretched in many ways.  King's Daughters has grown from a blog into a Girl's Night and then into a conference! Looking ahead I can see that there is much more to come and I am more prepared for and excited by the challenges than ever before.  I would love you and/or your church to join us on our King's Daughters journey in 2012, we will be getting stuck into Being a Wife as well as much more. Why not start a Girl's Night in your area too? Please contact me for more info about the study notes.  Here are some highlights from 2011:

Jan - The 'Being a Woman' journey began and resulted in a Being a Woman book
Feb - We started our Girl's Night which has resulted in some beautiful friendships
Mar - My second book, Secure on the Rock, was released
Apr - The theme, beauty,  was announced for our King's Daughters conference
May - We had our first Girl's Night OUT which was loads of fun
Jun - We recorded our second album and released 'Passion & Purity'
Jul - The Wheelie Case was launched and we all loved our 'new' clothes!
Aug - We released a sneak preview of our album which is free to download
Sep - King's Daughters Conference was launched, it was surreal!
Oct - The Money Matters series was launched and 'Free' was released.
Nov - We released our second album, In the Stillness
Dec - I had a nice long rest with my wonderful family

Summing it up like that made me realise why I was so tired towards the end of this year!  2011 was a brilliant year though, wasn't it?  Don't forget to get connected on Facebook too.  Please share some of your highlights and how King's Daughters has impacted your life this year. 


Christmas Cracker Jokes

I am a sucker for Christmas cracker jokes!  I just love to laugh and I find them so very funny!  Here are the jokes from our Christmas crackers this year, what was your favourite Christmas cracker joke?


Hermie Is Back

Hermie is a favourite in our family and my children have learnt so much about God through Max Lucado's writing.  As always, "Thank you, God, for blessing me" helps little children grow in an attitude of gratitude and "Thank you, God for loving me" help little ones know how much God loves them.   It is beautifully written and beautifully illustrated and a perfect little Christmas gift.  Thank you to Booksneeze for providing me with this lovely little book to review.


Nature's Way

A series of books that take a look at a more natural way of life. Nature's Beauty looks are natural health and beauty products, Nature's Hygiene looks at natural cleaning products and Nature's Weigh looks a 7 easy steps to your natural weight.

Natural Weight Loss