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King's Daughters Conference 2013, 49 days to go!

I wrote a blog post with 10 Reasons to Join Us at 97 days to go!  Those ten reasons still stand and here are a few more to blow you away - see the day plan below.  Actually, it would be really silly not to come to this year's conference!   10:30   Registration and fresh coffee provided by Ethical Additions 11:00   Live music and dancing to TITANIUM with CCDA and Anna Tharia              Acoustic worship with D7 Band 11:30   Inspirational talk with Thoko Obare , Destiny Temple 12:15   Inspirational talk with  Charlie Blythe , Hillsong  13:00   Picnic Lunch 14:00   Gospel choir with Instruments of Praise 14:30   Video Interviews:              Alive in Ministry - Ali Bates              Alive in Business - Wanja Odhiambo   15:30   Session 4 Breakout Sessions:              Lindsay Bruce , A Way Out              Jaylene Howell, Trinity Cheltenham              Jill Chitty , Entrepreneurs Circle              Adrian Malpass , Em

Where I Live

Every morning my daughter, Lorah-Kelly , and I go for walk together around the lovely streets of Battledown.  It is very hilly so a great workout for us!  This morning however, we both overslept (yes we live in different houses) and so had to motivate ourselves to go for a walk.  To add some excitement to our routine we decided to walk on the lovely Leckhampton Hill! It was such a beautiful morning and the views were amazing.  I marveled over each wild flower and each tree.  I gasped at the butterflies that were out in full force and savoured the sounds of the chirping birds.  The more I encounter the awesome creation that we live in the more I love the God that made it.  It is very difficult not to love Him when I see all the beautiful things that He made for us to enjoy.  I honestly think it takes more faith not to believe in God that it does to believe in Him.  It would be the same as if you marveled at an amazing painting but denied that there was a painter.  I am always left brea

Being a Woman in Business - Who Feels the Fear and Does it Anyway

Let me just say, right from the start, if you are in business and you don’t have fear, then you are probably not really in business but more likely have a hobby that generates a bit of income.  Seriously!  Business is risky and fear is a normal part of everyday business life.  Having fear is not a weakness but giving in to fear is.      Courage is the opposite of fear.  Why?  - Because it takes courage to go ahead even when you are afraid.  There are two trains of thought on this subject.   Some say that courage is not the opposite of fear because fear is a state and courage is an action.  Those that think this way see peace as the opposite of fear.  Other however, says that courage is the opposite of fear because you feel the fear and do it anyway.  I say it is both.  I also say that it is different in each situation.  Some situations require that you calm your fears and attain a state of peace before proceeding.  Other situations means that you are terrified out of your wits but y

Amy the Winner

Amy had her very first sports day today and won her very first medal! How exciting. Well done Amy :) xxx

Being a Mother - Who Trains and Teaches

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.     - Proverbs 22:6 This verse has comforted me many times when I have worried about my children.  I know that even though they sometimes make poor choices, I have trained them well when they were little and they will find the right path in life as a result.  Training a child means that you help them to develop their skills and discover their strengths and weaknesses.  Teaching children to make choices, suffer consequences to poor choices and to reap the rewards of a choice well made is a very important part of their training.  The worst thing you could do as a parent is to shelter them from all consequences and failures.  Failure is good and a necessary part of the learning process.  Allow your children to make mistakes and teach them what to do with their mistakes when they have made them.  Children who grow up fearing mistakes and consequences will struggle with things such as faith and ri