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8 a Day

"She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks"  - Proverbs 31:17 Being a King's daughter is not sitting around all day wearing a tiara, looking pretty and doing nothing. Quite the opposite - we should be working hard and playing hard, living life to the MAX! Life is full and busy and  we have a great deal that needs to be done each day. We need to take care of our bodies if we are going to live the life we are created for. A healthy body means we can get a lot done each day and sleep well at night. An unhealthy body means we will be limited physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I am very passionate about healthy living and  would like to recommend The Maker's Diet book to you! This is a fascinating book based on biblical precepts and scientific resources. After reading this book I radically changed my eating habits, my exercising, my cleaning products, my toothpaste... ha ha! Often the thought of getting healthy is so ove

The Power Of The Tongue

Eric's sermon yesterday was quite challenging wasn't it? I found myself taking note of what came out of my mouth all day and found that I had so much less to say than usual... ha ha! My aim is to make sure I keep this guard on my tongue every day and practice the " zip it " principle if I have nothing good to say. So if you notice that I am not as chatty as usual then you can be sure I am working on taming my tongue :) This is something especially relevant to us girls. Watch yourself this week and listen to what comes out of your mouth, you may be shocked. We spend so much time dressing up to be pretty, some of us won't dare leave home without our make-up on. But have you ever considered wearing a clean mouth as a part of our dressing up? Gossip for example is one of the ugliest things a girl can "wear". I have seen us girls absolutely rip another girl to shreds in a conversation and most of the time we do it just because we are insecure about our self

Small Steps to Being You

Knowing who we are is an essential ingredient to a great life. So many times I see people of all ages spending loads of energy on trying to be who they think they should be. It's hard work being who you are not! You have to constantly be checking what you are doing, that you are keeping up the appearance of being that person, and some people even try and dress to fit the profile. So even more hard work, trying to figure out what to wear that would make you look like who you think you should be... whew I am tired already just thinking about it. I do however understand this, because I have been there and done it so many times. I spent the first 30 years of my life trying to be the person I thought I should be. Thankfully I figured out how to be me and how to love me! I found an amazing freedom that few people find in this day and age which is why you will find that I talk about identity very often. If you struggle with identity and you are not sure who you REALLY are, then m

Beef Casserole

I thought it was time to do something very girly on our Blog, let's swap recipes! I don't very often cook from a recipe I generally make it up as I go along, but from time to time I am inspired to try a recipe. With winter on it's way I thought it would be great to share one of my favourite recipes which we have recorded in our Family Favourites recipe book. So give it a try and see if you like it and why not add one of your favourite recipes in the comment box below. Ingredients  5OOg diced beef 2T plain flour 2T sunflower oil 1 large onion, peeled and chopped 2 large carrots, thickly sliced diagonally 1 large parsnip, thickly sliced 2 large potatoes, quartered 1 fat clove garlic, peeled and crushed 1 x 440ml can stout 150ml beef stock dissolved in boiling water 1 Bouquet Garni IT red wine vinegar IT Whole Grain Mustard 1t sugar 4T freshly chopped parsley Put the flour on a plate, sprinkle with salt and pepper and coat the meat in the flour. Heat th

God Chicks by Holly Wagner

I was so excited about sharing this book with you and have finally got all the children settled down so I can get on with it and am not sure where to begin now! How do you describe a book that has you in stitches with laughter but at the same time is so profound that you will not be the same ever again after reading it!  I must say I read it a few years ago and find myself reading it over and over as different things hit me during different seasons. My daughters also read it over and over again so our copy is well worn and always being read by someone. My favourite chapter is the first chapter - the just be u chick . This chapter totally blew me away as I realised that it's OK to be me, totally me, and I don't have to copy anyone else for God to use me. Sounds simple enough but so few of us really believe that, most of us never feel good enough and are always working so terribly hard at being good enough. If you are a busy mum like me, I would highly recommend that you at lea

Knowing Who You Are

Have you ever blown it big time? You try so hard to be all you can be and then you just screw up and make a mistake. Those times are so very difficult, aren't they? The problem with those moments is that we let them define us, rather than keep them in their proper place. They are simply moments. Yes we failed... for that moment , yes we screwed up... for that moment, but that doesn't define who we are , it just defines a moment of weakness! If I know who I am then I can keep those moments in perspective and move on quickly but if I don't know who I am then those moments will define me.  They could form a part of my identity. Girls, the world is full of messed up people who don't know who they are and what they want in life.  They are filled with fear, hopelessness and uncertainty. If we are going to make a difference in our world then we need to hold on to the truth about who we are and believe it wholeheartedly. The main key is knowing who our Daddy is. If we know