Balancing Life

Why is it so very hard to find the balance in life? I have been working at this since June last year when I started my Less is More series & I still can't say that I lead a balanced life. I have achieved balance with FaceBook which has been amazing - I have taken back a huge portion of my life by doing that. I have sorted out my priorities which is a great guide when making decisions. "No" has become an easy word for me to say where before I found it almost impossible for me to say no to people. I am enjoying my life & am pursuing my dreams yet I still feel that my life is unbalanced. There are days when I find I am not spending enough time with my children, days when I don't take care of Eric's needs & days when I just plain don't take care of myself! These are my top priorities which I have worked so hard to keep on top but yet I can't achieve the balance I desire. Any suggestions... do I need to cut out the things I love doing like my role as executive pastor at church or do I need to stop writing songs & singing in the band? Perhaps I need to stop writing this blog or just ditch the computer completely as this is still where I spend most of my time despite numerous efforts not to. I really want to write a couple of books too but let's not even go there I should focus on cutting things out not adding things to my already crazy busy life.

One idea comes to mind - Christine Caine's book Can I Have And Do It All, Please? I am off to buy myself a copy and see what I can come up with - would you like a copy too? I am going to pick up an extra copy for one of you - if you would like a copy simply leave me a comment sharing what you are struggling to balance in your life at the moment!


  1. Anonymous4.4.10

    Well, first off I totally agree about Facebook and being on the computer...that sucks up so much of my time. Before that it was TV and before that...well, I'm sure it was something else. My struggle right now is balancing being a full time stay at home mom, with a part time job out of the house as well as my involvement in the church and youth ministry. Things can get so busy so fast and I am trying to keep my priorities in check.

    Yesterday my husband took my little boy out for the morning so that I could do some spring cleaning and that helped so much. Getting things organized and in order has done wonders for me to feel productive as well as stay productive.

    Thanks for this great post Angela!! :)

  2. Anonymous4.4.10

    Hi bishopswife :)Thanks so much for your comment, it's so great to be sharing the journey with you. I would love to send the book to you so please can you privately email me you postal address. I look forward to seeing what we can learn from it.

  3. Anonymous19.4.10

    I received the book!! Thank you!!

  4. Anonymous19.4.10

    YAY so glad you got it already, I haven't received my copy yet but let us compare notes when we have both read it :)

  5. Anonymous20.4.10

    Sounds like a plan!