Depression Solution - Have a Check Up

Picking up from where I left off on the last Depression Solutions post... I was at the gynaecologists office joking around about how I have never had a check up in my life. To cut a long story short - that day he discovered that I had a very large cyst in my womb! It was as about 14cm by 15cm and then still about another 12cm deep. I did look a bit pregnant and there were moments when the thought had crossed my mind that maybe I was. The reason I said in my last post that it was a miracle is because the ONLY reason I went for this check up at all was because I was being obedient to what I felt God was telling me to do to lead a depression free life. I had no symptoms that caused me to go for a check-up, I was simply following the process that I believe God was guiding me in. It's possible that I would not be alive today if I had not had that check up as I was scheduled for immediate surgery when the cyst was discovered.

The journey after that was one miracle after another. The way we managed to raise the finance for the surgery, the way the surgeon & anaesthetist volunteered their services for FREE as they knew I had no money. The way I was taken care of after surgery and the way I recovered and healed afterwards. The most amazing miracle of all was that the doctor that did my operation was determined to save my womb and not do a hysterectomy! I wasn't bothered at the time as my first husband and I had already decided not to have any more children! But looking back makes me weep! God knew. He totally knew that I was going to remarry and have my precious Daniel & Amy so He guided the doctor. He took 4 hours to remove the cyst & managed to save part of an ovary. He couldn't save the other one so it had to be removed! Never-the-less this healthy ovary was enough to give me my precious babies nearly 10 years later. So as you can guess here is my third recommendation...

3. Have a Check Up. There may be something physical going on in your body that you are not aware of. A medical check up may help or even solve your depression. Unbalanced hormones can cause depression - older women often need hormone replacement. The intense hormone changes during & after pregnancy can also cause depression. Vitamin deficiency can cause depression too. Some medication can cause depression and so many more other physical factors, so having a physical check up will do you no harm at all but could find the source of your depression.

There are so many more other solutions I have discovered on my own journey so will continue to share them in my next post. In the meantime enjoy this photo of my wonderful husband & miracle babies!

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  1. Anonymous11.4.10

    Angela, I was so excited to read this! I am rejoicing with you that God provided such amazing miracles as you were faithful to obey His voice. Thank God for your precious little ones...God did know!

    Love you my friend...I'm about to read the next popst!!