Depression Solution - Make Hope

This is a very simple suggestion but works wonders. In my own life and in other people's life I have observed that depressed people often have nothing to look forward to. I often get down when all I can see ahead of me is the mundane day to day routine of my life. Even though I love my life I can still get depressed by the routine of it. Waking up in the morning to face a dirty nappy and a mountain of dishes. Breakfast, lunch, supper - as usual! People needing urgent assistance with something or other yet again. It's not that I don't care it's just that sometimes my heart does grow cold. The way I keep fresh and avoid getting really depressed is I make hope :) I put something in my near future that I will love doing. Usually it's a holiday or weekend away or even just a few hours for myself. Perhaps it's a visit with a friend I haven't seen in ages or perhaps even just a day out with my girls. This really helps keep my life more interesting.

I know that when you are in depression the last thing you have the energy for is planning something. What I have done to beat this is I have a place that we always go to. I have the booking lady's email address & all I have to do is send one email and ask if the date is available. All done. I do love exploring new places and when I am in a good place I might research somewhere new just for fun or something new to do but if I am run down (which hopefully I can avoid now after reading my series on depression solutions ha ha) I go somewhere or do something that doesn't take much energy or planning. Keeping something fun in the not to distant future always helps me. How about you, any thoughts on this one?


  1. Anonymous19.4.10

    I think this is such a good suggestion! It's so true. Sometimes I buy a new flavor of coffee or some fun video to watch with my little boy in order to motivate me to get the day going. Having something to look forward too really does make a huge difference.

    Terrific Series Angela!!

  2. Anonymous19.4.10

    I am really pleased you are enjoying the series :)