Bicarb, Vinegar & Olive Oil

Anyone who knows me knows that I am passionate about healthy living! I don't always get it right, I do eat McDonald's sometimes and drink coke way too often. Never-the-less I do work at healthy living and one day will stop drinking coke... In the meantime here are some things that I like to use at home:

Teeth Whitening - I use bicarbonate of soda on my toothbrush after regular brushing to whiten my coffee stained teeth! It really works & is way less expensive than whitening products.

Household Cleaner - Much to my children's disapproval I use white vinegar for cleaning most things in the kitchen. I shine stainless steal, clean my windows and wipe down my surfaces with vinegar. It kills mould & bacteria and gives everything a nice shine & again costs very little. I actually came across a website that gives 1001 uses for white vinegar - check it out www.vinegartips.com

Hair Treatment - In the Bible it says that you should anoint your head with oil so based on that I figured olive oil can't be bad for the hair! I use a tiny bit of olive oil as a serum. It's works wonders on my dry ends and I very lightly rub it over the rest of my hair to hold hair fly away bits of hair. Olive oil nourishes, conditions and improves the strength and elasticity of your hair.

I have also used olive oil as a treatment for my hair which works wonders. Firstly I rinse my hair with warm water then rub about a tablespoon of olive oil into my hair taking a few minutes to massage into my scalp. I take a little more oil to rub well into the ends of my hair and leave it on for half and hour with a plastic bag covering it. After this treatment I shampoo and condition as usual :)

Do you have any interesting tips to share?


  1. Anonymous28.4.10

    Ooohhh, I love home remedies and beauty treatments. Nothing makes me happier than using stuff around the house to make my hair shine or clean my windows. This post is so much fun! Thank you for sharing your money saving and health ideas...please keep them coming!

  2. A little olive oil is also great on babies who have cradle cap. Much better than using special shampoo or worse...baby oil.

  3. Anonymous13.5.10

    What a great idea for cradle cap :)