Marriage Tip #9 - Humble Yourself

Sometimes we are just too proud & selfish. We think it's all about us & all about our needs & the fact that every single one of our needs are not being met. If you find yourself going there just humble yourself before God & before your husband. Say sorry for being selfish & ask what you can do to make things better. This will work every time & win you loads of points with God & with your spouse ha ha. No one can resist a humble person. Remember you are no longer your own, you belong to God as you were bought with the precious blood of Jesus & when you got married you became one with your spouse. You are not your own anymore, you are a part of something much bigger. From time to time I get into selfish mode & make things all about me. The first thing I do to humble myself is to remember that Eric & I are working on having a great marriage - it's about our marriage not about myself.


  1. Anonymous28.4.10

    Ha Ha, often I write a post and set the date for it to go out in the future so that my posts can be consistently going out at regular intervals! Well this post was written quite a while ago so when I received it in my inbox today I felt like someone else was writing to me! I have been quite a selfish wife lately and really needed a reminder like this to get me back on track!!! I really did forget that it's not all about ME... ooops!

  2. Anonymous30.4.10

    I loved this one! I needed this reminder, so maybe it sent out early specifically so I could read it! As always, you are such an encouragement and inspiration.