Depression Solution - First Things First

I have several first things and if they get neglected it does affect the balance in my life which. If this unbalance continues for a long period of time I can get depressed. It may sound really simple but I have learned that I need this sense of balance in my life practically to keep a sense of internal balance too.

For me first things are my relationship with God, the state of my home & time with my family. If I neglect any of these things I loose the balance in my life. My time with God is essential. It is not a religious act of reading my Bible and praying in order to keep my conscience clear - it's definitely nothing like that at all. It's like eating breakfast - if I don't eat breakfast in the morning my body gets annoyed with me. In the same way if I don't have a nice cuddle & chat with Jesus in the morning my Spirit & soul gets annoyed with me. Sometimes I have a time of prayer, most times I read the Bible and sometimes I just sit. I say good morning Lord, here I am! I don't really want to pray and am too tired to read but I still want to be with you so here I am. Not very spiritual hey, but I know He is with me and we have a nice "cuddle". To me it is similar to my relationship with my husband. Sometimes we chat, sometimes we work and sometimes we just sit and cuddle. No matter what we do though, our time together feeds our relationship. It's the same with my relationship with God. I sing & chat to God all through the day while I get on with my busy life, but my special time with Him in the morning (or sometimes evening) is really important.

Another first thing in my life is a clean house. I get really down in the dumps when my house stays messy for too long. Mess is a normal part of my life - with four children and lots of visitors I have to accept mess. Never-the-less I don't like mess, so if I don't have a good clean up and enjoy a lovely clean and tidy home then I get very down.

One other first thing in my life is time with my children. I love my children to bits & I get really upset with myself if I feel I am neglecting them in any way. My most important thing to do with them is just cuddle and read stories. I love to listen the what they want to talk about & make sure each child gets the individual attention that they need. This is very time consuming and I don't always manage to get it right but I really really want to.

What are the first things in your life & how does it affect you when you loose the balance?

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  1. Anonymous11.4.10

    I love the practical tips you have presented here. I agree with all of them and I too have to keep the balance in order to feel okay. I love how you know yourself and have committed to not letting your needs be neglected.

    Thank you for sharing such incredible insight...I greatly appreciate it!!