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Nature's Way - Talc

Researchers have warned that “women should stop using talcum powder because of the risk of ovarian cancer”, reported The Daily Telegraph. “Scientists fear particles applied to the private parts may travel to the ovaries and trigger a process of inflammation that allows cancer cells to flourish. Although previous studies have raised concerns over talc, the latest findings from the United States suggest woman who use it are 40 per cent more likely to get ovarian cancer – a much greater risk than first thought.

Talc is made from a soft mineral called hydrous magnesium silicate, which is found throughout the world. It is crushed, dried and milled to produce powder used in cosmetic products by millions. Some experts say it has chemical similarities to asbestos, which can cause a deadly form of lung cancer.”

In other research talcs have been found to lead to cognitive problems, lymphoma, breast cancer, cancer and many other issues. All in all, it’s best to stay away from talc, especially with babies although talc is also found in face powders 

Nature’s Way Alternatives
Corn flour is my favourite talc.  I love the texture and it is super absorbent too.   Corn flour mixed with bicarbonate of soda is a wonderful deodorant or underarm powder too.  Other non-toxic powders that absorb moisture and keep the skin dry include bicarbonate of soda, chickpea powder, oat flour, powdered lavender buds and powdered rose petals, which can easily be found at a grocery or health shop.

  • No health risks
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Save lots of money
  • Absorbs odours
  • Absorbs sweat
  • Prevents nappy rash
  • Prevents chafing

  • Bicarbonate of soda can dry skin out so if you find this a problem for you mix half corn flower and half bicarbonate of soda.
  • The powdered lavender and rose petals are a bit more expensive that the flours.
  • Do not to inhale the powder, as this may cause breathing problems.
  • Keep powders in a sealed container as they will absorb moisture and go hard.


Ingredients:  Corn Flour

Method:  Use corn flour as you would usually use talcum powder.

More talcum powder recipes:
There are many other simple ways to make talcum powder using natural ingredients, here are some examples:

Essential Oil Powder
Mix equal portions of corn flour and bicarbonate of soda together.  Add a few drops of your favourite fragrant essential oil.

Kaolin Powder
Use as a powder on its own or with other powders and essential oils.  Kaolin Clay is high in mineral content and lightly draws out impurities and toxins from the skin. This is particularly good for sensitive, dry or mature skin as well as for children. Kaolin powder as a face mask ingredient assists in improving vascular and lymphatic flow. Excellent for removing impurities.  Recommended for congested skin types.
Now it's your turn.
If you have any deodorant tips that work well, please share them with us.  Find out more about Nature's Way here.


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