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Passion & Purity

"God made us girls for extravagant, wild, imaginative, adventurous, fantastic loving!"

The heart of a woman yearns for love, fantasises about romance and dreams of being someone’s princess. 21st century living has robbed us of that simple heart cry and Hollywood has fed us lies about romance. We need to fight for our passion & purity to take back the awesome adventure of living and loving without compromising our purity. 

Angela openly shares of how her search for passion ended up in adultery and how she managed to find a way back to purity. A must read for any woman who wants to be free to live and love with passion and purity. 

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Robbed of Purity   
Searching for Passion 
Lies of Love   
Dating Games   
Rescued by the Prince   
Rebuilding My Soul
    I Am Forgiven   
    I Am Valuable   
    I Am Pure   
    I Am Beautiful   
    I Am Loved   
    I Am a Weaker Vessel   
    I Am Worth Fighting For  
Diamonds from Coal
Happily Ever After 

The Power of Forgiveness
Affair Proof Your Marriage 


  1. I have read this book and this is my absolute favourite. It is so relevant to us girls, it really is a must read. I always found it hard to maintain a balance in my life, feeling guilty for being passionate about certain things, whether relationships or anything else - and this explains so clearly how us girls were MADE to be passionate and that we CAN be passionate and pure at the same time! Brilliant book, I love it, and really recommend it. Angela's testimony is truly AMAZING.

    1. Angela10.3.12

      Thank you for your kind word Cheryn and your continued support of my work. xxx

  2. My wife is an awesome woman of God and I am very proud of her. I never knew how much I could learn from her journey myself. Passion & Purity is the most powerful book in the Loving Life Series. You would definitely benefit from starting with Hope’s Journey and then Secure on the Rock, to get the whole picture of her powerful testimony - Passion & Purity however is still powerful as a standalone volume.
    This book is all about living an adventurous, passionate, wild life within the boundaries of purity. Most people go for the wild life but compromise their purity. Angela shows both side of the coin - How to do it and how not to do it.
    Although this book was written to women, I found it extremely helpful as I got a better perspective on how to relate and protect my wife and how to look after and protect my daughters. Husbands and fathers will definitely benefit from the whole Loving Life Series.
    You will not be able to put this book down and you should not read it if you don’t want your life to be greatly impacted. Highly recommended.

    1. Angela10.3.12

      Darling, your support has been incredible. Thank you for giving me grace and love. I would not have been able to do any of this without you. xxx

  3. Those of you, who know me, will know this is not the kind of book I normally read, that being said you also know I don’t like to refuse to review a book because of its genre. This book made me glad I stick to that rule.
    Passion and Purity isn’t so much a book as it is a long chat with a dear friend. Author Angela De Souza puts herself and her reputation on the line to share with the world her many trials and tribulations with staying on God’s path.
    She shares honestly her life and her many mistakes, her dark times as well as those that brought her back to God. With no personal reservations of how others might perceive her after reading of her wild party animal days, or how she evolved from a happy young newlywed into an excessively drinking adulterer she opens up completely to help others learn of the forgiveness God has in his heart for all men and women.
    Beautiful and honest full of scripture and faith Passion and Purity is a wonderful book for those who’ve lost their way as well as those who never knew it to begin with.

    1. Angela10.3.12

      Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. xx

  4. Passion and Purity. You are abrave woman to want to air your sins like this.

    The story is quite stark, and you condemn yourself very harshly. I hesitate to even venture any suggestions, but perhaps a gentler, more positive approach would attract readers in - maybe an account, in story-telling style, could start with the good parts of your life: yourcourtship and your husband whom you must have loved.
    And then the gradual slip into infidelity, and your walk away from God.
    Then how he accepted you back and filled you with his grace.

    People like reading stories with a moral and a happy ending, which yours is.

    You life shows sins in harsh contrast to grace and love, which is a good foil to build on. But to throw all the evil doings at the reader from the beginning can be quite off-putting.

    I dont know if I've been any help, but I trust you will take my reaction to your book in the spirit with which it is made...

    Jane (Breath of Africa).

    1. Angela10.3.12

      Hi Jane,

      Thank you for encouragement and helpful feedback. It's always good to learn from other authors.


  5. Hello Angela:

    This is such a wonderful, heart-warming testimony to the unfathomable goodness, grace and mercy of God. Thank you for your transparency.

    Many will be encouraged and have amazing encounters with the Lord Jesus because of your boldness and humility.

    Blessings to you, to your family and to your ministry!


    1. Angela10.3.12

      Thank you so much for you feedback and encouragement James, I am truly grateful.

  6. Another hard book to read, but with an amazing message to it.
    It is hard to be honest sometimes, but it is good when we share with people our own struggles.
    This shows a lot of heart and soul to it.
    I am sure this too was hard to write.
    Nice title.

    1. Angela15.3.12

      Thank you for your feedback Shelby, it was hard to write but necessary so others can find freedom as I did. xx

  7. Dear Angela,

    Just had a look at 'Passion and Purity,' and I'm in awe of your bravery! This is such an honest, raw account of an issue so many people face, yet few are courageous enough to share. As you reveal your hesitations and inner thoughts on keeping this story "quiet," there is such wisdom in your voice when you say: "How would that help anyone else?" Wow!

    I love your reference to "making myself of no reputation." This humility and vulnerability is so powerful and so necessary in the Church today. Your discussion of becoming detached from the house of God and from godly people is also such an important topic. We all can deeply benefit from being reminded of how our choices directly affect our lives, often resulting in "history repeating itself." I also love how you focused on the "boredom" of the stay-at-home-mom in particular. This is often "under-discussed," yet such a vital part in the lives of women.

    As you shared your deepest point of desperation, contemplating ending your very life, my heart could feel your intense pain. hear God's voice in that moment...what a powerful thing! The miracles that unfolded were amazing to read. The restoration of the human heart unto God. Such a beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing this with the world. It will bless and touch many hurting hearts. Highly starred and wishing you every success.

    All the very best,
    Faith Rose
    Now To Him

    1. Angela16.3.12

      What a very humbling response to my book, thank you for reading it and for offering such a thorough response. xxx

  8. Angela,

    I'm honored that you've shared this book with us. I was gripped by your story. Though my journey is somewhat different, I can relate to you on many points, and your book ministered to my heart. I'm doing a lot of reading right now, and your book just fit right in there to help my heart move forward. I was particularly encouraged by your discussion of sowing good seeds to reap the rewards of those things and not to be discouraged when you don't see those rewards right away.

    Overall, it's an awesome book! Thanks for sharing it with us.


    1. Angela16.3.12

      Thank you for your feedback Aileen, I am truly grateful. x

  9. Dear Angela, this book is brilliant. I want to buy it for my youngest daughter, as there are many parallels in her own life. The order in which your story unfolds is flawless in its ability to speak to the very people who need it most.

    1. Angela23.3.12

      Thank you for your comment Kerrie, I am so pleased that you feel it can help people. x

  10. Angela,
    I appreciated your story and struggle to be a pure wife. I have had a little involvement with adultery and your commitment to the Lord helped me resolve my situation better. Thank you for letting out your story to others, it does help! God bless you and Eric.

    1. Angela27.3.12

      I am so pleased that you resolved your struggle. May God richly bless you as you seek Him.


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