Angry Birds Live - Daniel's 7th Birthday Party

We had such a fun day today celebrating Daniel's 7th birthday. The theme was Angry Birds and I honestly don't know who had more fun - the children or the adults.

The Angry Birds Cake

Speedy - the Yellow Bird
A pig guarding the 7

Daniel had to smash his candle out

Another attempt at smashing the 7

And another smashing attempt
He gave up and blew his candle out

Now it is everyone's turn to smash the cake

Now for a bigger version - Angry Birds LIVE

Throwing the birds at the pigs on the stage

A smashing attempt

Some more smashing

How much fun can running with a pole be?  Loads it seems

A bit more cake smashing and stage birds

All in all we had a funtastic day.  Great news though, if you weren't at Daniel's party don't worry, you can still join us for Angry Birds LIVE on the first Saturday of every month at the Gloucester Guildhall.  Find out more here.

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