Church Unleashed. Out of the Box. Acts in 2013.

Something extraordinary has happened!  It's too exciting to pin down to one title.  Our church has gone radical.  We have either gone nuts or we really and truly have heard God during our January fast. Things are about to get out of control and it all started today.  Today we stepped out of the box!  Today we are moving into a new, unknown and exciting season.  D7 Church will never be the same again!  Neither will your church if you get involved too. 

Sunday at Home
OK, let me explain.  Today was our last day in our church venue.  From next Sunday D7 Church will be meeting in homes for a meal, time of worship, communion at times and to pray.  It will be casual and there will be no formal structure to each Sunday.  Each person in our church will take a turn to host a Sunday and it is entirely up to them what format the day will take.  If it's an afternoon get together we might even visit another church in the morning, just to say hi to the rest of our family.  

Church Gigs
Then, D7 Reloaded is what are going to do once a month. It will be church as you have never experienced before.  It is church for the unchurched.  We are building an event that will appeal to those that have never been to church, those that have been but never want to come back and those that don't feel that they belong in a church.  We hope to build an event that Jesus would be comfortable attending.  A place where broken people can be whole again, a place where people perceived as rejects of society can feel accepted and place where all can find love - true love - God's love.

We will start off with a band playing secular music to create a gig atmosphere.  It will be fun.  Yes, you may dance, lift your hands in the air and party.  No, God won't mind, He will be smiling over us.  Street dancers will burst onto the stage and who knows what else we will come up with.  Smoke machines are a definite.  Boredom is unlikely.  After our super cool gig we will soften the lights and move into a time of worship.  Don't worry, we will explain to people what we are doing and why we are doing it and yes you can worship freely, we are not going to pretend that we don't love Jesus.

The gospel will be preached.  It will be in a language that the 'lost' understand - English.  We will avoid all Christianese and will keep it relevant.  The Bible will be used and so will Jesus' name - no water will be added, nothing will be diluted.

We will end with a song and sip on quality coffee in the foyer while we chat to our new friends and encourage them to join us next time.  If your church joined us and brought friends, you can invite your friends back to your church the next Sunday.  If our church brought friends we can invite them to join us for lunch on Sunday.  Perhaps we will send one of our visitors to your church if they live up the road from you and perhaps you will send one of your visitors to the church in the next city.  It doesn't actually matter who ends up where but what does matter is that we see their precious faces with us in heaven one day. 

You are Invited
Join us as we unleash our church, take it out of the box and follow in the footsteps of the first church in Acts who had no unmet need and thousands added daily.  It's time.  All churches welcome to join us - get in touch for more info and spread the word about D7 Reloaded with the banner below.


  1. Rosalind10.2.13

    very courageous, very modern, very real - congratulations!