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Mouthwash companies are quick to tell you that their product kills germs, prevents plaque and bad breath. What they don’t tell you is that more than 20% of their product is alcohol and long-term use of their mouthwash increases the risk of mouth and throat cancers. 

Melbourne University conducted a study of more than 3,200 people, which found a nine-fold increase in risk of cancer among smokers and a five-fold rise among drinkers. The ethanol in mouthwash is thought to help cancer-causing substances – such as nicotine – permeate the mouth lining.

The following table shows the health concerns based on commonly used mouthwash.

Nature’s Way Alternatives

Mouthwash is simply for flushing your mouth to remove waste that is trapped. If you teeth and tongue are brushed correctly you don’t need anything as harsh as alcohol to rinse your mouth. Something as simple as warm salt water will do the job just fine and from there the body’s normal reparative process will take over. Our bodies naturally repair our gums and bones, the harsh products that we often use hinder this natural process. The best thing we can do is not get in the way and keep our dental hygiene routine as simple as possible.
Vinegar is another powerful plaque destroying mouthwash and can be used in the same way as salt, diluted in a cup of water.
If you would like a bit of taste or minty fragrance, add a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil with the salt or vinegar water.

• Enhanced oral hygiene
• Kill germs and bacteria
• Fresh breath
• Treatment for mouth infections and ulcers
• Save money

• Damaged enamel

Take care when using vinegar though, it should be diluted with a plenty water as the acid can damage the enamel on your teeth if the concentration is too strong. After using a vinegar mouthwash or toothpaste rinse well with water to flush away any remaining acid.


Vinegar or salt

Dilute 1 teaspoon of vinegar or salt in a glass of warm water and use daily as a mouthwash.

For added freshness add a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil to your vinegar or salt water.

Now it's your turn.
Over the next few weeks try using Nature's Way mouthwash instead of your regular mouthwash and let us know the results by posting your findings in the comment box below.  If you have any other tips or suggestions for a mouthwash please let us know.  

Find out more about Nature's Way here.

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