The Accidental Bride

I was given this book by Thomas Nelson to review and sadly wasn't very impressed.  The story is about a cowgirl whose wedding reenactment turns real and finds out that she’s an accidental bride. The book was a quick read and I although the ending was predictable I did read it until the end to see what actually happened.  At times the story was enoyable and sweet which kept you reading and hoping that things would work out.
   On the whole the plot was predictable and the main characters seemed a bit plain.  It was as if time passed by but they didn't grow or change at all. I remained annoyed with the leading lady and you were not offered an opportunity to like her.  The leading man however was very likeable but also annoying because I expected him to rise up and fight for her, not wimp out all the time.  Even right up to the final chapter their relationship seemed weak - not something that could inspire me. 
   I felt uncomfortable with the romantic scenes as they seemed a bit too much for a Christian novel and they seemed out of place.  Although these scenes were justifiable I would say that the author was really pushing the limits of keeping it Christian.
   On the whole I felt awkward whilst reading this book but could not quite put my finger on why I felt this way.  Perhaps I was over sensitive after what I had written in my recent post about sex and women pornography!  
   Sadly, this is my first negative review of a book and cannot recommend it to you, I hope the author will forgive me for being so harsh but if I were to recommend a fiction book to you I would prefer to recommend The Silent Lady by Catherine Cookson.  Now that book is well worth a read!

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