King's Daughters Conference 2011 CD & MP3

We had a fantastic day together at our recent King's Daughters Conference.  After many months of planning, we managed to pull off an awesome day!  The food was spectacluar, the music was magical, the message was life changing and the men were true gentlemen.  I had so much fun and I hope you did too!  I would love to hear what impacted you most.

If you weren't able to join us then please make sure you book your ticket for 2012 and for your convenience we have made the messages available in MP3 and CD format below.  More news and gorgeous photos coming soon...

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  1. The Conference was AWESOME!
    Such an amazing day, I will be remembering this all year :D The speakers were just amazing, they were so real and talked about everyday issues that all woman face today and it was just amazing to hear their stories. The Food was DELICIOUS! The guys serving were awesome and the band playing were wonderful. Kings Daughters Conference was a truly breathtaking experience, I cannot wait for next year! xxx

  2. Angela17.9.11

    I LOVED the worship and the musical items! You guys were fantastic x