Being a Woman - Who is Beautiful

In the end, all that we truly want is to be found beautiful! This is the one question we are all asking,

“Am I beautiful?”

We ask it from our father when we are little and we ask it from our boyfriend or husband later on in life. When we are out with our girl friends we need to know that we look beautiful and when we go to work we are asking the same question too. It’s OK to ask this question, God made us that way. The problem today though is that this question leads to another question, which is,

“How can I be more beautiful?”

This question leads us down all the wrong paths and gets us into all sorts of bad situations. When we don’t feel beautiful we feel incomplete and so we look for ways to fill that void. We try new clothes, we experiment with hair and make-up and some women even get their natural features altered or enhanced. All in the quest for beauty.

Sadly some girls will do anything to feel beautiful and that includes doing things for men to gain their approval or doing things for friends for the same reasons. Many woman have only made themselves more ugly in their quest for more beauty. God’s heart is broken when He sees all the beautiful princesses that He made, act in this way. True beauty does not come in the form of a diet pill or a bottle of hair colour. It cannot be attained the through the clothing that you wear or by anything that you do to your body. True beauty truly starts from within.

Cliché? Absolutely not. Don’t switch off now, don’t think you know what is coming because you don’t. This is the truth. 

Is external beauty important? Yes - undeniably. Is external beauty important to God? Absolutely!

Psalm 149:4
For the Lord takes pleasure in His people; He will beautify the humble with salvation.

True beauty can only begin when we humble ourselves at the foot of the cross of Calvary and accept the free gift of salvation that Jesus offers us. If you have ever seen a beautiful woman you will know, that in time, once you have begin to know her, that her beauty will be exposed as superficial.  Most of the time she isn’t real and she isn’t happy. This is because she hasn’t been saved from her sins and lives with the consequences daily. When we humble ourselves and accept what Jesus did for us, He will truly beautify us and so the journey begins.

Proverbs 31:30
Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised. 

The Greek word for praised is hâlal which means to be a clear colour and to shine! Have you ever met a woman who literally shines? She is so attractive that you can’t stop staring at her. There is something about her that attracts you to her, you just want to be around her all the time. Sadly, there are few women these days that have this quality. It is as rare as a precious stone and I can’t say that I have met more than two women in my life that have had this effect on me. I am not talking about celebrities or preachers – people that you see at a distance. This isn’t real, you don’t really know them. No, I am talking about a person that you have actually spent time with, been in the same room with and had a conversation with up close and personal! 

The amazing thing about these women is that they don’t make you feel jealous like other pretty girls might but they actually leave you feeling like a better person yourself. This is true beauty! Having the ability to glow like that surpasses all other sorts of physical beauty that exists and the great thing is that we can have that sort of beauty. I don’t know about you but this is the sort of beauty I would like to have – it surpasses anything else that there is on offer. 

I am sure you are wondering how we get this, aren’t you? The key is in Proverbs 31:30 – fear the Lord. Fearing the Lord means to revere Him deeply and yes, to be a little bit afraid. Not afraid because He might hurt you, He would never do that, but perhaps a bit afraid of how AWESOME He is and how mighty and powerful He is. I know that the day I meet Jesus face to face I will most certainly tremble in His presence. 

If you truly desire to be beautiful, then may I suggest that you work through this book again, this time go deeper. Ask yourself the same questions but search within yourself for truth. My hope and prayer is that every chapter in this book will help you unveil your beauty, moulding you into the rare and precious gem that you are. Determine to be changed on the inside, whatever it takes, not matter how hard it gets. Do the work! A diamond is formed over millions of years under extreme pressure, don’t think you can just follow a few steps and then start shining like a beautiful diamond. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and dedication, which is why a truly beautiful women is very rare these days. We spend too much time altering our body and shopping for better clothes and too little time doing the work on our character.

Psalm 45:11
So the King will greatly desire your beauty; Because He is your Lord, worship Him.

Desire comes from the Greek word 'âvâh which means to wish for, to cover and to long for. God, our King, greatly longs for you to unveil your beauty. He waits with baited breath for you let it out so that His purpose in us can be complete. You have no idea how valuable and important your beauty is and I am sure you how no idea how beautiful you are capable of being. Don’t go down the path that leads to destruction as you will never find beauty in all those things. Go to God, He designed you perfectly and He holds the key to unleashing your true beauty.

Let it out! Shine. Before you know it, your outside will follow and when people will not stop staring at you and you will know why. Girls, desire to be the beauty that God made you to be and don’t settle for anything less. Cosmetics are fun, clothes are necessary but just like a cheap perfume, they simply don’t do the job. You are valuable and precious and extremely beautiful!

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