Flower care: fact or fiction?

There are many theories and old wives tales about the best ways to care for cut flowers, so I thought I would share some awesome info with you from Bunches
Bunches provided us with the lovely chocolates that we had in our gift bags at the King's Daughters Conference recently, which was very kind of them. 
All Bunches bouquets come complete with a flower care leaflet. For more flower care tips, visit their flower care page.

  • 'Adding sugar or a copper coin to the vase water is the best way to keep your flowers fresh' – Fiction. It's best to use flower food as it contains the correct PH balance which prevents bacteria from growing. Liquid flower food is provided with every Bunches bouquet.
  • 'Fresh flowers should be kept away from the fruit bowl' – Fact. Fruit produces ethylene gas which significantly speeds up the flower aging process.
  • 'Putting Rose stems in boiling water for a minute before arranging helps them stay fresh' – Fact. Holding the base of the stem in boiling water removes any air bubbles so the vase water can reach the bloom.
  • 'It's best to arrange your flowers in cold water' – Fiction. Luke warm water is best as it has less oxygen in it, which prevents air pockets from being trapped in the stem.
  • 'Flower water needs to be changed every other day' – Fact. This reduces the amount of bacteria which grows in the water which shortens the life of the bloom (this also prevents any unpleasant smells!)


  1. God created the rose in the likeness of a woman.
    The rose represents her beauty.
    Thank you God for making me a woman...

    1. Anonymous17.2.12

      Wow that is beautiful! Thank you for sharing xxx