Being a Woman - Who Knows Jesus

You might have heard about Jesus or read about him but do you know Him? In Genesis 4:1 it says that ‘Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain’. This level of Adam and Eve ‘knowing’ each other was so intimate that Eve conceived and had a child. 

In the same way, we should know Jesus. When we know Jesus that intimately we too will bear life.  We will be fruitful, we will multiply on many levels in many ways, we will bring life into this world and we will have something to show for knowing him. Is this how you know Jesus or is He just a prophet or teacher that you have read about? Is He the lover of your soul, the first person you greet when you wake up in the morning and the last person you say goodnight to when you are about to fall asleep or is He just someone that you have heard about in Sunday School or on this blog? 

Knowing Jesus is the most wonderful thing you will ever experience in this life. Truly knowing Him, deeply, personally an intimately is the most magical, romantic and powerful thing that there is to know. It will change you forever. Knowing Jesus will set you free from the things that hold you back in life, knowing Jesus will unleash your hidden potential. Knowing Jesus will make you feel like the most beautiful woman alive and knowing Jesus is the only way to live.

If you don’t know Jesus you must be wondering what on earth I am on about. You may even be born again and Spirit filled but still think I am nuts! Reading this won’t do too much for you without knowing Jesus. Let me tell you a little bit about Him, this is a story that I wrote in my book ‘Secure on the Rock’. It’s the best way I could describe Jesus and what He has done for us.
We love Him because He first loved us.

As I read and reread what Jesus said, I am overwhelmed by His love. It is blatantly obvious to me that I don’t deserve this. It is like the prince in England going to the slums of London and seeing a young girl lying in her vomit in the gutter. The prince looks down at the girl with such love and picks her up to give her a hug but the girl glares at him and spits in his face telling him to go away. The prince doesn’t even flinch but says to her;

“Please let me help you. Come to my home and I will give you beautiful clothes, the finest food. You can live with me forever and never have to worry about anything at all.”

The girl in the gutter looks at him saying how she likes her life, it is fun and she really just wants to be left alone so she can stick another needle in her arm. The prince leaves at her request to go home to see his father, the King. The prince makes it abundantly clear that he is in love with this girl and wants to do whatever he can to rescue her and make her his princess. The King says to the prince;

“There is only one way left my son. You have to take her punishment. She is guilty of theft, drug abuse, prostitution and heresy. The only way she can be excused of this is if the fine is paid. You have to go to court and tell the judge that you did all these things and then you have to be publicly humiliated, beaten and put in jail. You will be treated as a common criminal. This is the only way she can be free and come and live here with us.”

The prince doesn’t hesitate at all and get’s the ball rolling by going off to see the judge. Once the prince has taken all of her crimes upon himself, she is set free and her slate is wiped clean. She no longer has a criminal record. She is free to go. Of course she doesn’t know this as she is still drunk in the gutter.

The prince receives his beating and finally he is locked up in jail. The girl remains unaware that this is happening and even though she is completely free she continues to live in bondage as a criminal, always hiding from the police when they drive by.

One fine sunny day the prince is released from prison. He has served his time and paid the price for all of her crimes. He eagerly searches the streets of London until he finds her so that he and she can finally be together. Finally he finds her sitting in a heap in the park crying her eyes out. She is so sad and tells him that she has had enough of this life. Proudly he pulls out a piece of paper from his coat. It is her criminal record. He shows it to her. At first she is confused but then she sees what it is.

The weight suddenly lifts from her as she realises that her freedom has been purchased for her through this young prince’s sacrifice. He offers it to her as a gift and asks if she would like to spend her life with him in his castle. She gratefully agrees and runs off into the sunset with her darling.

This is kind of what Jesus did, only He did so much more than can ever be put into words. The worst part is that we never really love Jesus for who He is, we only love Him for what He did for us. We love Him because He first loved us . I understand this about myself. I see clearly that I did not love Jesus first and I did not love Him because He is wonderful.

I loved Him because He set me free. I loved Him because He showed me the way to a better life. I loved Him because of what He gave to me and for what I could get from Him. This is why I used to love Jesus. Yes I loved Him after I met Him but I see now how selfish this love was. He knew this though, He knew I would love Him only based on what I had to gain from Him yet He still did it, He still loved me enough to die for me.

It is because of Jesus love for me that I truly began to know Him. If you don’t know Jesus as I have described, if you think He is as a police man that watches that you don’t make mistakes or like a harsh husband or father, please let me tell you the truth. He is the lover of your soul, He is your Saviour and Redeemer, He is your knight in shining armour and He wants you to know Him as these things and so much more. If you want to know Him then don’t wait another moment, pray this prayer now.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Today I want put my life right with you. I want to be the woman you want me to be and nothing else. I want to give myself to you 100%. I say yes to your offer of perfect love and I gratefully receive this love now. I thank you that your death on the cross made it possible for me to be clean and to be free.

Please wash me clean today so I can have a brand new start. Please forgive me of all my past sins. Please fill me with your Holy Spirit. You are my Lord and Saviour now.


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