Monthly Giveaway - What would you like?

Since this is our very first giveaway I thought I would let you choose!  What would you like - a King's Square CD or a Hope's Journey book or the January edition of Cotswold Style magazine that I was about to put in the recycle bin or the King's Square Songbook?  Simply let me know which one you want along with your name in the comment box  and I will randomly pick one and send you the item you chose.  The Monthly Giveaway is only open to people subscribed by email, so if you have not signed up do so quickly on the right hand sign up box.


  1. I am in doubt which one would be best to give for a friend. What do you suggest? CD or your book? I will let you know which friend is in your inbox and give the address. Hugs, Marli

  2. Anonymous3.2.11

    Hi Marli,

    Since you were the only one that commented I will send you a book and a CD :) Can you email me the postal address that you would like it sent to please.