Being a Woman - Image of God

My deep desire is to find the truth so I thought I would start right at the beginning of the Bible - Genesis.  When God made us women what exactly did He mean?  To fully understand woman we need to understand how woman was created. She was created as part of a man (meaning mankind). Before Male & Female existed  a human was only known as man (mankind not male gender). Most importantly we can also see that man (mankind) was made in the image of God.  Before there was male and female definition, there was image of God definition - this is our most basic identity.
So what is the image of God?  Does God look like a manwoman (both male and female)? Of course not, God doesn't have a body He is a spiritual being.  Our hearts are the shadow of God's heart, that is the image of God that we bear.  So in order to truly understand who we are, we need to understand what is in our heart - the core of our being. 

Take some time this week to observe what is in your heart. and as you find things write them down.  Record your desires & your dreams, record the things that you find yourself daydreaming about and write down the secret things that you long for.  If it's not too personal please share them in the comment box below as we explore this area together.

The Being a Woman book and worksheets are available here.

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