Being a Wife - Time & Location

I have been throwing some ideas around in my head about being a wife.  What does it mean to be a Godly wife?  To start off with I wanted to eliminate some things that are assumptions either from the time or the country that we live in.  I would love to hear your views before I get stuck into sharing some of mine.  What do you think is essential to being a wife and what do you think is purely determined by the time or country that we live in?  Even if you are not married, please share your thoughts, I am really excited about getting stuck into this subject :)


  1. I think being a Godly wife isn't just about honouring your husband, but about being his best friend and supporting him in his decisions and everyday life, even if you don't agree. Its also about keeping God as the centre of you marriage over all things and supporting your husband in his walk with Christ as well as sharing every part of your journey with him :)

  2. Anonymous4.1.11

    Quite an insightful comment from a 15 year old, nice one Jordie :) xxx