Home For The Holidays

As you know, I am a huge supported of the A21 Campaign.  Here is a great idea that they have running at the moment for Christmas.

The A21 Shelter is a safe place in Greece where many survivors of human trafficking will be calling "home" this holiday season, and we want to ensure that we help make this truly a time of love, joy and peace.
So, we came up with this idea...

Let's ALL help make this holiday unforgettable for the girls! Here's the plan:

1. Send a Christmas card to the shelter!
Hand-written letters have become a novelty these days. Because they take a bit more time and effort, they are not only special, they are personal, (nothing says love like taking the time to write something other than your signature). Please send your card or letter directly to Greece at:
PO Box 10218
TK 54110
(*Please only send cards and letters.)

2. Make Change with Pocket Change!
This is something easy that you can do right NOW! We have asked the girls what they would like for Christmas this year. The most common request has been for a new outfit, so let's pool our resources and get them some of the finest shoes, coats, scarves, jeans etc! Let's all give $12 – (about the price of one movie). Consider missing a movie this Christmas to make a BIG difference! Click here if you would like to donate now and help us put something special under the tree.

As you're starting to make your Christmas list this year, why not consider this something you can cross off right now? Together, our small acts of kindness and generosity can make a BIG difference.

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