Bad News

I am sitting at my computer hitting the refresh button over and over again at a local news report.  A woman has just jumped from the top story of a car park and I am watching the news and the comments that the readers are leaving.  My heart is grieved wondering who the woman is, do I know her, what drove her to jump?  Earlier this morning Eric walked into our church office (our living room with some desks in the corner) and I was sat at the phone crying.  I had just had a conversation with a woman who was going through a divorce.  This was her second divorce and she was not in a good place at all.  I was crying because I felt so helpless and was praying to God about what to do.  Now I am sitting here feeling very nauseous reading comments on the news website, wondering how to reach these precious people. Daily I am faced with bad news, should I stop crying and toughen up?  That is only the bad news from before 11am this morning.  Do I remind myself that this is just how the world is these days?  I can't bring myself to do that. I have to cry and feel the pain so that I remain in touch with God's heart.  The pain I feel drives me to find a solution.  Too many people have switched off the pain and stopped crying, they turn a blind eye because they feel helpless and they have resolved to do nothing.

I pray,  "What do you want me to do God?".  

"Tell them about Jesus Angela!"  is what I feel He is saying

I respond, "But God I can't.  They won't listen. They are hard. They think they don't need you!  I don't know HOW to tell them anymore.  It's not that I am not willing, I am so very willing but how.  God please show me how to show your love to the lost and dying world that I am living in.  Please teach me to tell people about you in a way that will reach their hearts."     

It's just not the same as it used to be.  I tell people about Jesus weekly and am always shocked when people don't want Him. If only they knew how real He is and how much He loves them.  If only they knew how amazing life could be if they just let Him into theirs.  What do you think King's Daughters?  How can we tell people that Jesus really loves them and cares about their hurting hearts?

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