Christmas Splendour

I am completely blown away by our plans for our upcoming Christmas Ball.  It started out as a small idea.  The idea, was to make the street people of Gloucester and the teenagers from our youth feel really special this Christmas.  We have had a fantastic year at our church and have seen many lives dramatically changed. People have come in off the street for the free sandwiches and coffee that we offer every Sunday.  Some of these people only come for the free stuff but some of them have lingered for church and have met Jesus!   

So we set a date, booked the venue, announced the party and started inviting these precious people.  I asked all of my professional musician friends to join us by providing live music for the event but no one was able to.  I had this nagging voice  in my mind (as you do) to ask one of UK's most amazing bands, [dweeb], to come and do the entertainment for the evening.  To my surprise and delight they agreed! I was amazed and thrilled and I knew that the teenagers would be too.
Since everything was coming together so nicely I thought I would invite the city mayor and the leader of the council.  We have been developing a lovely relationship with them and thought it would be appropriate.  Well what happened next blew my mind. We now have confirmation that the Right Worshipful The Mayor of Gloucester (Councillor Jan Lugg) and her Consort (Mr. Steve Lugg) will be joining us along with the Leader of the Council (Paul James) and his Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Housing and Health (Andrew Gravells). Talk about a guest list!

It wasn't long before I started panicking about this, the event is beginning to get huge and out of control.  It was then that I realised that God has set this whole thing up - I could not have brought this together even if I tried!  So I have invited one of the street people and one of the teenagers to share their testimony at the ball.  It will be a magnificent night with lovely food, formal dresses and tuxedos worn by street people and city leaders alike, great music with some carols by D7 Band too.  I am so excited and really looking forward to our Christmas Splendour.  There are a few tickets left, if you live nearby come and join us.

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