Seeking, Stuck, Flourishing

I am loving Eric's series on Seeking, Stuck, Flourishing! It is so refreshing to hear such hardcore truth with very practical steps to move onto a flourishing life. The one bit that stood out to me the most was "If you are still the same person you were a month ago... that shows that you are not moving forward in your walk with God! And if you stay there long enough you will waste your entire life there!" The reverse engineering principles to Saul’s life was really helpful. Based on Saul in 1 Samuel chapters 10 to 15, we learned what caused Saul to stay stuck, which of course helps us know what NOT to do. Here is a little recap of those points.

He hid himself (1 Sam 10:1) He avoided responsibility by hiding away
He was proud (1 Sam 13:3-4) He took the glory for Jonathan's victory
He panicked (1 Sam 13:9) He did the right thing in the wrong time
He made excuses (1 Sam 13:12) He tried to justify his disobedience

With this list of what not to do in mind I guess the way out of being stuck is to do the opposite! Stop hiding away, be humble, don't panic and stop making excuses. It's well worth getting busy with the right things in the right time rather than wasting your energy on being busy with the wrong things in the wrong time. I hope this little summary of Eric's message is helpful in some way.


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  1. I LOVED the message sunday - it was awesome! It was so encouraging, it totally spoke to me x
    I am taking up the challenge :0)I know that i dont want to waste my life and be stuck.
    Someone once said "stop talking and start walking"
    God is taking me on a journey and i want to embrace it x