FaceBook Addiction

More and more I am finding people saying that they are addicted to FaceBook, need to close their FaceBook account (but then don't) or say how they hate that they spend so much time on FaceBook but can't seem to get away from it! This got me really curious as to what has made us this way. I begun snipping up my FaceBook page to create the image on this post and realised that there is a lot that this little website has to offer. Take a look at the image and see all the bits and bobs that we use it for (there are loads more too).

Facebook reports that its 200 million users worldwide are logging in collectively for 3.5 billion Facebook minutes per day. WHY?
It starts of with an innocent glimpse at your friends profiles on the site and suddenly you are logging on 10 times a day to see if any of them have made updates to their profile, changed their relationship status or have posted pictures. I am not even going to begin to get into all the applications and quizzes that I have noticed popping up more and more. wikiHow has even published an article entitled “How to Quit Facebook.

Anne Jackson posted an interesting article on why she left FaceBook. Here is her closing snippet:

"The ultimate question, for the social media world as for every other world, is this: Is how I’m spending my time bringing glory to God? When the online world becomes our only source of communication or inspiration, it may be time to take a little breather and log off. If you do, I can guarantee you two things. You'll feel refreshed and renewed. And the poke wars, friend requests, and Tweets will be waiting for you when you return."
I know several people who have done FaceBook fasts but I have never known anyone in my world who has said that they want to close their FaceBook have actually done it!
I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts about FaceBook.



  1. im one of those Facebook-fasters. ha!

    And i think, i needed this time off, because i was wasting precious time. But Facebook can be useful, and a great tool to comunicate with people, who live far away. You just need to to use it wisely.

    hopefully, after this fast is over, i will use my facebook wisely, and i will learn that there's life away from facebook. There are blogs, and emails, and phones, and even cafes, restaurants, and public places to meet, talk and keep in touch with those you love and/or miss.

    good post.

  2. Anonymous4.10.10

    Well I did actually close my FaceBook for about 6 months shortly after this post. It was very interesting to see that when I opened a new FaceBook account recently that I realised how much time it wastes and how quickly you can get straight back into it! Scary that it really is so addictive! Why is it though? Any thoughts?

  3. Rosalind20.5.12

    Everything in moderation - you can only have one God and if FB is becoming too important to you then it is wrong. On the other hand, if treated properly, it is a great way to stay in touch with what is happening in the lives of family members who are across the other side of the world ;)

    1. Angela20.5.12

      I totally agree xxx