I am busy reading Christine Caine's book Stop Acting Like A Christian Just Be One & I can't wait until I am finished it to tell you about it so I may have to do a review in stages! This book is so packed with life changing principles that I feel if I read it too fast I will miss something so I am savouring it, picking it up occasionally only when I am sure I have totally applied what I have learned & can safely move on.

Lust - you may be wondering why I have chosen this as my post title! Christine's book consists of two parts, the first sections covers some fascinating thoughts on how we are made up, who we are & how we can be all that we can be for Jesus. The second part of the book is a 31 day devotional. I am only on Day 8 & as I mentioned I only move on to the next day once I am sure I have fully absorbed what I need & applied everything that has challenged me. Day 8 is called "Be: Content" & the caption under the title says; "Lust is when we have a desire for something that is not ours to have".
This thought completely blew my mind as I had never thought of lust in that way. Suddenly I found myself looking back over my life & recognised areas that I may have operated in lust. It is frightening what happens when you put a label to this thought. I wonder how many people lust after ministry positions, lust after something in a friends life, lust after someones role in a work place. I dare you to ask yourself " Do I have an area in my life where I may be desiring something that God does not have for me? "

I highly recommend Christine's book to you, get a copy & come on this life changing journey with me. xxx

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  1. WOW!!! I am looking forward to reading this book...once i finished God Chicks which is awesome by the way!!!