My Friday

This Friday was quite a crazy Friday so I thought I would share it with you. The morning was a bit sad, I had to take my dad & brother to the station as they were heading home after a 2 week visit with us. I said my good-byes, drove off & burst into tears realising that I hadn't seen them for about 7 years & may not see them again for that long! Eric had to turn the car around & drive me back to the station so I could give them another big hug & I held them tight for ages. Life is so short & I needed to make sure they knew how much I love them. We weren't a pretty sight all 3 of us being all emotional at the station! The great part was the Eric took me out for breakfast afterwards to cheer me up... mmm nice :)

Next item on the day plan was to rush home to clean up & prepare for another house guest who is staying for the weekend & for one of my piano students concert in the afternoon! Whilst rushing around getting ready, baking cupcakes & cleaning the doorbell rings. It's a teenager!!! He kindly tells me that the REST of them are tagging along behind him. AAAH this was not it the day plan, they were only due to come over at 6 for the youth program tonight! I hit a bit of a panic & I think the look on my face frightened them so they all offered to help! Yay 6 extra pairs of hands. Here they are in the photo above helping me.

Next.... Rosie's piano concert! How gorgeous is little Rosie & she played so very beautifully. Sadly the camera batteries weren't charged so this was the only photo we got.

And then, as if this wasn't enough for any women in one day! The Zone, our Friday night youth group begins at 6pm & we only manage to kick everyone out around 10:00pm.

So that's it, my crazy Friday! How was your Friday? I hope you all have a lovely weekend. xxx

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