Being a Woman in Ministry

Being a Women in Ministry is a part of the Being series where we look at the honest and practical truth about being a women in a senior Christian leadership position. It is a book for women in ministry written by women in ministry.   If you are a women in ministry and would like to meet up, find out more about our monthly meetings here.

Featured Guests include Cathy Clarke of Hillsong and Ali Bates of C3 Church.

The Five Stages of Ministry  

Being a Woman in Ministry
   With Children  
   Who Leads Men  
   Who Rests  
   Who has Friends  
   Who Says No  
   Who has Fun  
   Who is Focused  
   Who Loves People  
   Who Loves Jesus  
   Who Endures  
   Who Inspires Others  
   Who Understands the Seasons  
   Who Keeps the Balance  
   Who is Confident  
   Who Handles Hurt  
   Who is Single  

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